The Latest Women’s Fashion Trends around the World 2020

by | January 20, 2020 | Fashion

Women’s fashion trends change more rapidly than in men’s fashion. It accepts the social, political, economic, and technology influences: introduce new trends following the impact of these behaviors. And it varies with the occupation, occasions, class difference, and orientation of time.

What are the fashion trends anyway? How do fashion trends influence society and change worldwide?

Fashion is a popular design of clothes, hairstyle, shoes, bags, accessories, and lifestyle. It depicts the artistic sense of style for a particular period that changes with the seasons and collections. On the other hand, the trend is a flow of change and development in a specific direction, which modifies with a determined period. While style is something that exhibits one’s statement of carrying trends and it’s long-lasting. In this way, the phenomenon of introducing fashion trends takes place and runs throughout society.

Who invent Women’s Fashion Trends?

The designers play a considerable role in creating the latest women fashion trends. They follow the process of designing, crafting, manufacturing fabric, and production of the new style. They represent their latest women fashion trends through fashion weeks, held twice in a year. Some fashion trends become popular worldwide, while others confined to a specific region or a country.

 Let’s check out that how the latest fashion trends travel across the world and influence different countries.

The Most Considerable Trendsetter Countries:

Milan (Italy): Innovative and Stylish

Milan is known as one of the fashion capitals and Milan Fashion Week is the world’s largest acknowledged fashion show that exhibits the latest styles and trends. Milan is a city in Italy and Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design. Italy is the house of luxury brands like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Prada, and many more.

All these luxury brands introduce the latest women fashion trends for the luxury lifestyle. Let’s have a look at the most running fashions of Italy in a glance.

  • Dolce & Gabbana has introduced the blend of tropical prints with a combination of bold colors that overwhelmed the audience.
  • Tie-dye and DIY trend is getting famous and unique in itself.
  • A blend of tropical prints with animal print displaying with matching animal print bag and shoes looks elegant.
  • Adding fringes to the shirts, coats, and jackets make the dresses more stylish.
  • Wearing complete velvet suits adds grace to businesswomen.
  • In a street style, fashion Italian girls like to wear casual with sneakers to be comfortable yet stylish.
  • Space-dyes, stripes, zigzags, polka dots, crochet, patchwork, ombrés–they are all in fashion.
  • Gucci has introduced the latest shoes trend that seems like wearing an electric pad designed differently with comfort. Stiletto heels, printed long shoes, pumps are also carrying attraction.

Paris (France): Fashionable and Trendsetter

Paris is another inventor of the latest women fashion trends. Paris fashion weeks take place to introduce new designs and displaying the taste to be stylish. This city is a center of many prime designers like Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Dior, and a lot more. Turning towards the trends extracted from Paris Fashion Week.

  • Crochet is very much in fashion as a revival of the old age trend, Pairing with flat sandals turns Paris fashion sleek and stylish at the same time.
  • Adding punching holes in coats, trousers, and blouses in various styles beautifies the rouge street style fashion. It makes like netting everywhere in dresses.
  • Wearing a textured shirt with a voluminous skirt with joggers is a thoughtful trend.
  • Sequined filled long dresses, skirts, and coats glorify the girls with its shimmery look. This season emphasizes the latest women trend of glittering sweater dresses, fringed jackets, and sparkling skirts.
  • The everlasting trend of floral prints, this year also spreading in the Paris latest trends and fashion that accomplishes the feminine look.
  • Chanel introducing floor-skimming coats to look hot in this winter.
  • Being a fashion setter, introducing matching printed shoes with the dress, and varied of carrying trendy shoes with evening dress.

London: Delicate and Chic

The latest women fashion trends in London take to another level of excitement. London Fashion Week has introduced modern trends to dig into style with a difference. The famous designers such as Christopher Kane, Rejina Pyo, Erdem, and more- styles dresses with innovation. London fashion trends are somewhat different because of weather differences. Let’s scroll down to consider the most stand out trends in London.

  • The fluid long-sleeve printed dresses are elegantly adopted and showcase the latest street style fashion trend.
  • Transition in weather heading towards wearing long roll neck knitted dresses to be smart and elegant. Gigi Hadid sported the wearing long knitted dress in the Latest Fashion Week.
  • The trend of hole underboob bringing an edge to the latest trend, it comfy to wear any top or turtle neck underneath it.
  • Culottes’ jeans and wide jeans are the latest women’s fashion trends in the world of bottoms. Its add confidence with style to carry this trend.
  • Flannel checkered coats and jackets are capturing the trend this winter. So, enjoy this winter with the latest fashion and stay warm.
  • The latest fashion trend in capes is running all over the world. It makes you feel like a protective covering with chic.
  • Wearing statement sleeves also aids in style. Puffy sleeves are the latest introducing fashion in LFW.
  • The shoes are trending in varied forms like the same dress fabric high heeled sandals, flat pumps with embellishments, flat formed sandals, and knee-high boots with leather belts.
  • The bags trend is a replacement of tine bags with a large-sized tote, spreading throughout the world.

United States: Modern and Sophisticated

The United States of America is a ground of fashions. The American Women fashion trends designed in a city like New York, Miami, and Houston- that makes it a powerful fashion influencer. History depicts that it is the center of fashion and many famous fashion designers collaborate, from the red carpet of Hollywood to other cities- to introduce new fashion trends. There are many famous names from New York such as Topshop, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, and more. Let’s have a look at the USA fashion to update your wardrobe following the latest USA women fashion trends.

  • Introducing the lavender shade as a color of the year, to be modern and stylish. Update your wardrobe with purple dresses and accessories.
  • Pointed collars paired with ribbed sweaters and long coats are adding chic to the street style fashion.
  • Animal prints in varied dresses enchanting the fashion followers of New York.
  • Leather pent coats are perfect for the businesswomen to carry and be stylish in this winter.
  • The use of fur and fringes in dresses, coats, jackets, shoes, and bags- makes the fashion classier yet modern.
  • The tiny micro bags in NYFW displayed to change the trend of bags. Another trend is an animal printed and fur embellished handbags.
  • Printed boots and heels, long shoes, furry sandals, and square heeled transparent shoes are adding smart style to the latest women fashion trends.

Hong Kong: Trendy yet subtle

Hong Kong is another home of famous fashion brands and a place to shop authentic products. The clothing luxury brands are Chanel, Gucci, Dior, and Louis Vuitton– while Uniqlo is the most preferred brand of fast fashion. They introduce the latest women’s fashion trends with style and creativity.  To check out the latest women fashion trends in Hong Kong, let’s have a visit to its style statement.

  • Chanel has launched the latest trend of wearing capes with style. It feels like a protective shield and adds elegance. Above all, keep warm and elegant to enjoy winter.
  • It makes a statement to wear layer up dressing due to climate. Wearing a shirt, pullover, and skirt with a scarf is chic in itself.
  • Use of pleats and large-sized bow in dresses overwhelming the fashion followers like pleats are the revival of old fashion and becoming popular.
  • To dress up fully in off-white by Gucci is the latest fashion trend for winter. To wrap up into elegance.
  • Dior has invented a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion for a powerful impact of fashion with safety.
  • The snake print and leopard printed shoes are in trend along with square heeled and crystal transparent shoes also in fashion.
  • Hand-woven knitted bags in round shape, and bucket shape becoming famous these days. On the other hand, branded Gucci and Dior bags also point of attraction.

Spain: Unique and Elegant

Spain is famous for introducing innovative, competitive, and creative fashion trends. Spain has set its place in the consumer market of the latest women’s fashion trends. It usually conquers the world with unique designs of its famous designers. Spain is the bridal’s first choice for the dress of their special day. Spanish creative designers have set the following latest women fashion trends.

  • The most acknowledged Spanish fashion brand Zara has introduced long oversized coats, faux suede coats, and textured coats in wool to meet the winter with warmth.
  • Puffer jackets with fur embellishment catching the attention of the latest women fashion trends lover.
  • The checkered blazers and trousers add elegance to the style.
  • Sequined dresses also in demand for party wear.
  • Leopard print is in the air worldwide. Each country adding leopard prints, from innerwear to outerwear, to enhance beauty with simplicity.
  • Spanish girls are hair accessories lover. They embellish hair either with a scarf or in the form of hairpins, scrunches, and catchers.
  • Shoes make the look accomplished. The latest Spanish shoe trends are square or cone heeled knee-high shoes, and animal print textured high heel long boots are adding versatility.

Japan: Diverse and Cultural

Japan is also one of an influential country in the field of fashion. It exhibits the hues of cultural, colorful, and spirited styles that add confidence with elegance to the Japanese women. The famous names Issey Miyake, Kenzo Takada, and Rei Kawakubo work enthusiastically to introduce the latest trends. How the women in Japan capturing attention in cozy and stylish dresses, let’s find out.

  • A combo of bright colors, vibrant prints, and unusual textures- is a prevailing expression of youth fashion in Japan.
  • Issey Miyake has created a micro pleats trend in dresses that become popular. Women feel comfort wearing lightweight, yet stylish dresses.
  • Layer up dressing is the award-winning phenomenon of Japanese women. They carry the latest fashion trends in their ways of layering dress like wearing skirts over jeans, sox over stockings, and long coat over a sweatshirt. It becomes possible with oversized outfits.
  • Japan is the pioneer of introducing unisex and Hygienic dresses through its well-known brand Uniqlo. So, it’s not surprising to see wearing suits like men.
  • Neutral colors are the latest trend in Japan such as top to toe white, greys, and beige grabbing the attention to be trendy with sophistication.
  • The Japanese women love to wear shoes and boots to be comfortable with elegance.

UAE: Modest and Traditional

The latest women fashion trends in UAE, is a collaboration of designers from the different corners of the globe. They introduce styles ranging from Abayas to the street style. The fashion is also representative of Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan, and Singapore. The UAE’s HH Sheikha Hend Faisal Al Qassemi supports the event of Dubai Modest Fashion Week to introduce the array of new collections. Have a look at the latest women fashion in Dubai.

  • The forever trend is full-length Abayas with a variation of cuts, prints, and colors, always an adorable and trendy style at the same time.
  • Frilled long length silk gowns are the representative of an elite class that makes the women of Dubai chic.
  • Wearing a hijab is the traditional style that may carry with any trend.
  • The pleated skirt with a plain t-shirt and a big sized hat accomplish the look with simplicity.
  • Leopard printed pointed heels with matching bags, long shoes, and boots, introducing a new trend of footwear in Dubai.

The common women’s fashion trends becoming popular around the world

Animal prints: Animal prints like snake printed long dress, leopard printed coats, and cardigans, Blouses, and trousers are becoming popular all over the world.

Full length dresses: Long length dresses are the center of attraction this season.

Crochet knitting: The handmade crochet knitted dresses and cardigans becoming popular this season.

Long length Coats: Swimming floor coats by famous luxury brands adds elegance to the style.

Puffy Sleeves: Puffy sleeves make a statement to carry the latest trend that makes you feel confident and trendy.

Coat dress with belts: Another trend by big names is wearing a pent coat with broad shoulders and embellished with stylish waist belts, make you more stylish working women.

Pleats: The pleated dress adds elegance with simplicity and makes it luxury.

Frills and fringes: Go furry this season with the latest fashion trends embellished with frills and fringes.

Bottoms: sweat pants, pinstripe pants, ripped denim, straight trouser, and wide-leg pants are the latest bottom fashion trends.

The comfy and stylish Footwear Trends: Animal printed shoes, flats, stiletto heels, furry shoes and slippers, square block heel, Espadrilles, Mules heels, and Crystal transparent heels are the latest trends of shoes displayed by varied brands in all over the world.

The diversity in Latest Handbag Trends: Matching animal printed bags, bucket bags, cylindrical bags, tiny micro bags, Hand-woven bags, and bamboo made bags are part of the latest women fashion trends.

Chic Hairstyles: Simple hairstyles getting more popular this year like long straight hair and braided style. Hair accessories also enhance the look with embellishments.

Dignified Jewelry: Oversized long gold chains, Choker necklaces, and wearing multiple necklaces are adding grace to the outfit elegantly.

To Summarize

It is quite difficult to discuss all the trends in detail. The brief discussion portrays the latest women’s fashion trends in different countries that are known for the trendsetter. Many latest trends become popular around the world, while a few fashion trends are region-specific. The way of carrying any style is more important than to adopt any fashion trend. And accessories play an irresistible role to accomplish the look.

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