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Why is the main fraudster of Teletrade Sergey Saroyan still not behind bars?

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Why is the main fraudster of Teletrade Sergey Saroyan still not behind bars?
A quarter of a century to deceive the people – it must be able to. In this case, the real expert is the swindler Sergey Saroyan, the leader of a grandiose schematosis called “Teletrade” in Ukraine. Why is this “large-caliber” swindler still walking free, and not sitting in prison, as expected? And how former employees and clients speak about him: there is little joyful …

At the moment, the ringleader of the forex scam under the name “Teletrade” on the territory of Ukraine is a fraudster Sergey Saroyan. He is also the director of all local divisions of the company. Previously, Teletrade was headed and “led” all the scams by Vladimir Chernobay, who, hiding from law enforcement agencies, died in Europe. His “case” was inherited by the widow Anna Chernobay and nephew Oleg Suvorov, as well as other accomplices.

Sergei Saroyan is called cunning, odious and ambitious. And this is no accident. A two-faced leader foaming at the mouth makes promises to both clients and employees. By the way, we will tell you about the reviews, both the first and the second, a little later in our material, so we recommend that you read to the end.

What is known about Sergey Saroyan: briefly

In 2001 he graduated from the Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications named after Popov. At the start of his career, he worked in telecommunications. Married.

And on his Facebook, as you can see, he does not hide the fact that he is “in the know” and works at Teletrade … It is interesting that on his Facebook page, namely in the “Information” section, he posted such a “modest” philosophical text “ about everything and nothing”:

Well, it’s funny, by God… Although, on the other hand, it’s sad… After all, people read this nonsense, and many are led to the “pros”… Only then they complain… though to no avail, as the experience of many victims shows.

From 2005 to 2006, Saroyan oversaw the regional directions of Teletrade throughout the country. Under its “wing” there were over 30 offices. Here is the capital, and mother-Odessa, Kharkiv, the city of Lion, Chernivtsi, etc … It is worth noting that not only Ukrainian cities were “lucky” with the head of Teletrade. Also, European and Asian offices fell under the distribution of Saroyan: Italy, Portugal, Poland, etc. As you understand, the loot “flowed like a river” into the pockets of frenzied swindlers.

By the way, Comrade Saroyan “worked” not for an idea. He got 3 percent of that very “idea” … Well, you understand. To put it in simple terms, we can’t live like that. Expensive. Rich. Beautiful … For understanding, Saroyan received over 30 thousand dollars a month at the output. And it’s not now! And then … a long time ago, as they say …. No comment. All details are here.

By the way, here is an interesting video where Saroyan voices that he is the head of this company of Teletrade swindlers in Ukraine…

And here is another entertaining video about how Teletrade communicates with real customers…

Teletrade: what is known to grandiose schematosis

The forex company, notorious on many continents of the world, was registered offshore in the Caribbean. Three years ago, in 2018, the Teletrade brand was deprived of its license, and it was also banned from working in the Russian Federation and Belarus. Already in 2019, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia initiated criminal cases against the company under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. This is fraud on a large scale. But, as for the leadership of this beautiful company, Vladimir Chernobay and his nephew Oleg Suvorov hit the road over the hill, and were also put on the wanted list. By the way, in the next 2020, criminal cases against this company were opened in Kazakhstan. Note that there comrades-leaders are already behind bars, unlike ours …

Details of “Synchronous trading” from Teletrade

In September 2020, a press conference was held at the Interfax press center about how the media are being “pressed” in connection with the scandalous events around the Teletrade trading gang. The carnage, in the truest sense of the word, has been going on for a long time between affected customers and scammers.

A lot of criminal cases have already been opened on Teletrade, and in more than one country. Thus, fraud criminal cases on an especially large scale are opened in the Russian Federation (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). In Kazakhstan, criminal cases against the company have been opened under Article 190 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the press conference, the speakers stated that the media are being pressured and intimidated. This is done by the “defenders” who keep the interests of “Teletrade” in order to “shut the mouths” of the free media.

Bogdan Terzi, a business expert, head of the Amillidius RK, spoke in detail about the fraudulent schemes of the Synchronous Trading project.

He said that if earlier real people-trailers were responsible for Teletrade’s scams at the suggestion of management, now this functionality is performed by robotic systems controlled by the company’s programmers. It’s clear that all these bot-robots are designed as “people” with virtual money on their accounts. Only the problem is that the people who connect to such “comrades” are quite real and do not suspect about “malice”. As a result, people lose