What Fashion Trends is Coming Back in 2020?

by | January 13, 2020 | Fashion

A new year promotes the latest fashion trends and introduces unique styles with innovation. Fashion trends commonly change seasonally, occasionally, or twice in a year. Every passing year gives rise to new styles and trends that may include the revival of earlier fashion. Many people follow fitness experts to stay in shape to try fashion trends.

The designers and celebrities play an irresistible role as a trendsetter. They work harder to come up with creative and modern designs that displayed through fashion weeks to make a trend designer’s statement. People have become more conscious of adopting designer’s trends and follow celebrities and fashion bloggers in this regard.

 So, now the fashion changes more rapidly than ever, as everyone wants to win the race of updating their wardrobes with the latest fashion trends and stay fit.

25 Latest Fashion Trends Coming Back in 2020

The year 2019 was a combination of classic, modern, trendy, chic, and elegant trends; a few of them will also be demanding even in 2020. The year 2020 is considered a revival of earlier fashions of the past decade with the addition of new modified trends.

 Let’s have a cursory view of the 25 latest styles in 2020 and check out which fashion trends are coming back this year.

The fashion trends of 60’s coming back in 2020

The year 2019 has introduced the latest trends with innovation and combination of patterns and prints. While 2020 believed to be a year of coming back fashion trends from ’60s and ’70s will become popular this year.

 Everyone, including me, is fond of to adopt the new styles and trends that have displayed. So, let’s go to have a tour of the fashion trends we are looking forward to adopting.

1. Dress up with colorful leather all in all

Wearing Leather dresses will enhance the impact of your personality and immediately captures the attraction.

It would be everywhere with a variety of colors and styles in the form of a long trench coat to the short dress and jackets.

2. Fringes are still relevant

Fringes add chic to the dresses, tops, and accessories. Though this trend is working from last year yet it will continue to cast its spell even this year too.

3. Be Mod with Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves are also another comeback fashion trend that is getting popular in 2020. Many celebrities spotted wearing puffed sleeves to get a delicate look. This one’s the year most demanding fashion trend that will carry different patterns to adopt and become mod.

The popularity of 70’s fashion trends in 2020

2019 was the year of animal prints like snake print, cheetah print, and leopard print. It had seen everywhere in dresses, shoes, and accessories.

Now, this year 2020 is supposed to be a year of 70’s fashion trends that are widely coming back and spreading worldwide.

 Here are the ten most popular comeback fashion trends from the ’70s. Have a look!

4. Bloom in the Summer with Floral Prints

The Floral and forest prints will replace animal prints this year. And you can bloom like flowers and enjoy spring and summer wearing floral and greenery prints.

5. Enjoy the Winter with Trench coats and Puffer Jackets

This winter is the season of wearing puffer jackets to warm you up and protect you with style against chilly weather. Add some new colorful puffer jackets to your wardrobe.

Trench coat is another trend that is coming back again. It accomplishes your look with sophistication. Markle Maghan also spotted wearing a Trench coat as her favorite outfit, and everything she wore becomes style statement for others.

It has also referred to wear Trench coat as a uniform for the British army in the First World War quoted as

“This practical garment was adapted for British officers enduring the muddy conditions of the trenches.”

6. Knitted and Crochet tops will make springs more enjoyable

Hand-woven granny’s crochet dresses catching the attraction and getting fashionable. Crochet dresses, tops, shirts, bags, and shoes are becoming popular this season.

It first emerged in the late 1960s and then followed in the 1970s. Now it’s again coming up in 2020. The crochet trend adds elegance with simplicity.

7. Pantsuits will continue to Grace your personality

Pantsuits have mainly used for formal and office wear. But this year is the revival of wearing pantsuits even for casual and daily wear.

Another trend of wearing short pants with coats is emerging that also carried in the past years.

“For spring, we definitely saw some new takes on suiting like a three-piece suit with a vest, suiting with a Bermuda short, or a knit bra in place of a white blouse underneath a blazer,” Sanchez says.

8. Get stylish with Wrap and Caftan dresses

Wearing wraps and caftan dresses make you stylish with delicacy. Plain silk, satin, and printed wrap dresses are so much in fashion nowadays.

Caftan and cape style is rising in summer, spring, and also winter wear. So, add caftans and capes to dress up with chic.

9. Pleated skirts and trouser will catch the attraction

It was the trend of the 70s to wear pleated dresses and pants. Now it’s turning to be a 2020s fashion trend that is introducing as pleated pants and trousers.

 It gives you a sleek look carrying a pleated skirt with a plain or printed top.

10. Wide leg pants and Plazzo again cast their Charm this year

Last few years were the seasons of skinny jeans and tight straight trousers. The 70s fashion trend included wide legs and palazzo pants that become the fashion trend of 2020.

Loose trousers, Palazzo pants, and wide-leg trousers are comfortable to carry and give you a modern glimpse.

11. Wearing Joggers and Sneakers with dresses

Wearing joggers and sneaker shoes with formal dresses and skirts will continue to emerge this year also and add elegance with unique fashion trend.

12. Popularity of square heels still steal the hearts

Square heels are a stylish comeback fashion trend that comfy you with delicacy. It’s also rising from last year to carry a square heel for both formal and casual wear. So, go for the squared and block heels for a trendy appearance.

13. Macramé bags catching the eyes this year

Another fashion trend of hand-knitted is getting popular this season that is a macramé bag. It’s a form of handmade craft that looks trendy and exclusive.

The revival of 80’s fashion trends in 2020

14. Neon Colors Will run at the beginning of 2020

All the neon shades still run at the start of 2020. The latest fashion trend is a bright green neon color that is carried by many celebrities to give it rise. It will continue to bright up your personality by wearing bright neon colors.

15. Allure with high waisted pants and jeans

Low bottom jeans and trousers had seen everywhere in last years. It is turning into high waisted jeans and pants that are more favorable comeback fashion trends. I also like to have high waisted pants and trousers as suitable with ease to carry.

16. Go Casual with side ponytail hairstyle

The hairstyles of side braids and high ponytail are abolishing, and side ponytail is the new fashion trend that has also followed in earlier years. Side ponytail is a modern and effortless style to go for your daily routine.

The emergence of 90’s fashion trends in 2020

17. Wearing bralettes as tops

Trim-cut tops introduced as a stylish fashion now it’s shifted to wearing bra or bralettes as a top with any jacket and pant coat. It’s an option for a glamorous look of the modern age.

It is convenient for the youth to carry bralettes as a top underneath netting dresses and even with pants and trousers. It’s giving rise to the fashion trend of inner wear as an outerwear.

18. Comfy Yourself in Athleisure

A few years ago sportswear and Athleisure were specific for playing and relaxing purposes. Now it’s twisting fashion trend to carry Athleisure as regular wear in a cool appearance.

19. Top to toe Stripes and Polka Dot prevailing this year

Besides floral and forest prints, the lining will also grace your personality with a smart look. The linear and vertical lines further enhance your appearance in photographs. So, shop for some lining prints to grace you smartly.

Selena Gomes spotted wearing top to toe lining dress delicately and representing it as an upcoming fashion trend.

Polkadot prints in shirts, tops, and trousers will make you fashionable with classic fashion trend. It usually followed as a forever fashion trend, but it’s getting famous among young girls during 2020.

What trends are coming back in 2020 from

2000 and 2010’s

20. Shine with the Metallics

2020 is a year of shining and brightening in metallic shades and shimmery fabric. Metallic shades like golden, rose gold, marigold, silver, and metallic grey will remain the center of attraction for moderns.

Go shiny with shimmery fabrics for a glamorous and attractive look.

21. Wear Tangerines to Style

Mustard color is now turning into tangerine and goldish yellow color which will be the fashion trend of this year. Get tuned with the latest shades of the year to be stylish.

22. Add Serenity with Monochromatic

Wearing top to toe single shades makes you more graceful with delicacy. The monochromatic dressing and pastel shades like cream, beige, and whites will remain prominent coming back fashion trend representing serenity and peaceful charm.

The famous name like Givenchy has also promoted neutral colors during the latest fashion week.

23. Mules and Loafers support to walk more confidently

The shoe trend of Mules and loafers will continue to attract to walk with comfort yet style. Likewise last year, it will be the comeback fashion trend of footwear.

24. Come Back of Buttoned Cardigans

Selecting cardigans as a top has become an eminent style and replaced with sweaters and high neck. Now the buttoned cardigans are coming back fashion trends to carry with confidence and difference.

25. Sustainable Fashion

Many famous names like Dior, ZARA, H&M, and others are promoting eco-friendly fashion trends at the international level by introducing sustainable fabric and fashion trends. They are also supporting to use natural methods of coloring for the latest trend of tie and dye.

Last but not least, the sustainable fashion trend will gain more fame and acknowledgment in the year 2020.


Finally, the year 2020 will comprise all the styles from the last years and become a revival of fashion trends. All the comeback fashion trends has introduced as the latest styles of the year. You should pick up your desired styles and update your wardrobe from earlier mentioned trends for sleek and polished appearance to accomplish your personality this year.

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