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Top 12 Morning Motivation Hacks that Keep you Active and Energized

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Morning Motivation


March 3, 2020

Since we are little children Morning Motivation, we are thought to rush through our days. They would tell us that we are going to run late or miss the bus and in worse cases, there were threats of punishment. Children are happy in their essence; They do not require any morning motivation. As we grow up, we are conditioned to learn to hurry and have stressful mornings. This makes us carry this stress throughout our day and reduces our productivity.

We are adults now, but the little children inside of us still hate to wake up in the morning and face all that tension. This is common among many individuals. The good news is that conditioning can change by constant practice and motivating ourselves in the morning.

Before You Start

Before you start here are some pointer for your self improvemnt. Developing a strong and positive morning routine can help you to make exceptionally positive changes in your life. Although, having a more integral approach towards your life-upgrade planning has proven to create changes with longer effects. Here are some techniques and ideas from a wider perspective than you may consider before your morning motivation plan.

Morning motivation-The golden goal of the day:

Set a golden goal for yourself, something you really want to do on that specific day and is achievable. Do this and get rewarded by a huge dopamine dose. It also encourages you to achieve one goal per day.

Ask yourself how you can improve: This question helps your brain subconsciously be on the active run for betterment. This also helps you to tackle any personal issue from a positive aspect. Spend some time to learn something new or your ongoing project.

This one is overlooked usually. Learning something in a morning adds to your knowledge and confidence. Above all, it is a great cognitive practice to start out a day with more preparation and efficiency.

Respect brings value: Look with respect and love all that is already in your life. This helps you to see the value of others and things that are somehow serving a purpose in your life. It makes you feel grateful and more fulfilled.

Be open to the new things: Expect surprises. Having rigid plans for life makes you feel disoriented if something doesn’t go according to plan. Expect the new and also expect it to take a turn for the better.

Do your best just for fun: Take your morning routine, your job, and your daily goals as fun. Remind yourself that you don’t have to do it. You are doing it because you want to. So this way, you can do your best just for the fun of what you have chosen to do.


12 Morning Motivation Hacks to Energize your Routine to Upgrade your Life

The ability to associate the feel-good hormones with your morning alarm makes you eager to smile at your days. Here are 12 morning motivation hacks to plan and consequently, have more enjoyable and constructive days.

  1. Create a Personal Routine

Do the things that you truly love, this would be the first hack; If you don’t love your occupation, you cannot force yourself to act like it. Meditate before your sleep; This keeps your mind free of worries and lets you have a sound sleep.

Write your next day’s goals on a book or punch it in a To-Do App. This helps you develop an accomplishment award system. Your brain releases dopamine when reaching your goals. This is the reason many people get addicted to success. However, don’t forget to keep your goals small and achievable so your To-Do list doesn’t backfire. Also include time for your hobbies in your list; This can be both a reward system and a time to relax.


  1. Eat Light and Go to Bed Early

It is good to keep your body healthy by feeding the right material to it. Lack of nutrition, overheating, and junk food can cause hormonal imbalances; This is the reason many people are depressed and experience mood swings.

Eating late meals can make your digestive system tired. Then your body needs more time to relax, making you feel sleepy in the morning. Make it your routine to eat early. You need at least 2 hours of digestion time before you can slip in your comfy bed.

  1. Get a Good Night Sleep

Studies show that lack of sleep can have long and short-term effects on us. The short term can be tiredness in the morning, bringing down the performance quality of cognitive brain skills and appetite imbalances. In the long term, lack of sleep can create problems such as Alzheimer’s disease.  This shows the importance of sleep in our mental and physical health. Needless to say, the lack of sleep causes a stressful jump start to the day.

Get adequate sleep; An adult requires about 6-8 hours of sleep in a day.

  1. Don’t Stay in Bed Once you are Awake

Don’t waste time by staying in the bed, once your alarm rings, or if you wake up on your own, just tear yourself off the bedsheets, otherwise, you will fall asleep again. Laying on the bed for long without sleep makes you feel restless.

  1. Let the Sunshine in Morning Motivation

It is proved that getting direct sunlight through the eyes; sends signals that boost metabolism. This makes you feel completely aware and fresh. Sunshine activates your brain cell and makes you aware of the day. And sunshine is a great source of vitamin D which is highly beneficial for your bones.

  1. Drink More Water

Drinking coffee is traditional, but it comes with a price. Caffeine is a heavy load of others on the liver and in some people can cause side effects as extreme as nervous attacks. You could drink water on the empty stomach as an alternative to kick your metabolism. It is also a great way to detox your liver and intestine.

  1. Organize your Plans for the Day in a Checklist

Have a look at your checklist and move towards it. Your morning exercise can be a part of your accomplishment reward system. A checklist can help you keep on track throughout the day. Organizing your daily routine helps you achieve your goals.

  1. Stretch out for Morning Motivation

Exercise helps to engage your senses by increasing blood flow. This is beneficial both to your health and brain activity efficiency. Daily exercise keeps your body healthy and active. So stay fit and active by exercising daily, it not only help you keep your fitness but also improves your mental health.

  1. Take shower for

    Morning Motivation

It is always good to take a shower after exercise and extend your freshness throughout the day. Showering can also help you to increase the blood flow in your skin capillaries; This is also a beneficial technique to feel fresh and motivated to face your day.

  1. Fuel Up your Body for Morning Motivation

Choose the best food possible that is high in nutrition and vitamins; milkshakes and fruits provide ample sugar for your brain. Always have a healthy breakfast in the morning it will keep you energized for the day. Never skip breakfast, otherwise, you will feel lethargic.

  1. Never Underestimate yourself

Nothing can beat self-motivation in the form of self-love. It is practically the strongest motivational sentence you can hear; stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself that you are awesome. Everyone has their own ability to do things. Always have a can-do attitude and never underestimate yourself.

  1. Move to the beats

Music is a great mood enhancer. You don’t have to dance to it while doing your morning rituals, but your mood surely does. Put on light music that enhances your mood.

Final Words

It is of utmost matter how we start the day; It sets the tone to all the actions arising in the day. Morning motivation needs care, consistency, and routine. But once we fall in the flow, our lives can turn to be more fun and successful. Look your best and start your days with confidence and ready to slay any dragons that come your way in the best mood possible.

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