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Selling Movies on the Stock Exchange: A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Movies on the Stock Exchange Website

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Today Evgeny Skolenko has a special article. He works in Evgenia and is an experienced director. In this article, Eugene begins his experience as a stock photographer and learns how to sell exchange film and turn it into a business.


Oh Don Eugene.


How to record videos and sell photos on your website

Forgot to take a video on your smartphone? Yes, but you will never remember pressing the power button. Want to watch YouTube videos for women?


Most of the information we get comes from videos. Video has become an essential marketing tool for businesses. It has always been a great choice for guests and for attracting tourists and potential customers.


The demand for this type of content will continue to grow in the rapidly growing video advertising and marketing environment, and the need for video as a resource and tool will continue to grow year on year.


Anyone looking to start paying for stock photography needs to keep an eye on the ever-changing and evolving business.


Over the past five years, thousands of professionals from all over the world have entered this field. The daily magazine site is used to upload new videos, create competition, and improve video quality over time.


Today, images of birds swimming in rivers or flying in the air do no harm to anyone. Customers have many options: they want to improve their brand image; they want to communicate with their audience; they want fun and professional videos.


How do you see the video business? How it works? How do you hope to earn? Let’s go step by step.


We sell archival photographs.


Photo: Theoretical manual

Theory is the foundation of any business. First you need to know the basics of film and photography.


Today, every city is busy with the movement of cameras. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to attend a seminar with a famous film director.


He is there:


Simple instructions on how to write your own drawings.

Understanding camera design and layout;

The principle of lighting and illumination;

Find out how to fix it.

Image processing and color correction

All this information will help you start taking photos and create quality content that will help you pass the entrance exam. Yes, every trading platform has access checks, and you need to be prepared for this.



Video – system basics

The second step is to choose a throwing group.

  1. Camera

The camera is your primary device and gives you tons of options for shooting. It’s simple: no matter how expensive the camera is. There are many opportunities for innovation.


Today the video port has moved to 4K 3840 x 260 pixels. A simple lens and a simple 4K camera sell for around $900.


If you decide to sell your videos without trusting your credentials, you don’t need to buy an expensive camera right away. As you gain experience and skills in the future, you will be able to find the right camera for you.


We sell archival photographs.


  1. Install and configure the system

The camera must remain still while recording video. You need a good stable tripod. Here’s what to keep in mind:



strong legs.

Good name for a hydraulic video.

He must be tall.

with chicken

Many brands make high quality tripods, but my favorite is Monfredo. The company has a proven track record of creating a market for quality video production and bringing customers closer to innovative products and technologies.


We sell archival photographs.


  1. Stable

Loops come in different shapes and sizes. Older designs include cheaper hardware and alternatives, but these options are limited.


Most videographers use electronic certification systems such as DJI Ronin or MOVI. The stabilizer allows you to shoot high-speed motion pictures, focusing on subjects with minimal camera movement.


We sell archival photographs.


  1. Light

If you want to photograph outdoors, you will need a reflector and a light emitter. These are layers and layers of different densities that help distribute light.


If you want to take pictures indoors, you will need a lighting kit. The choice of cheap LED devices is growing. Three bulbs are enough for a simple installation.


We sell archival photographs.


Video: Address; Model accessories

Changing sessions takes a lot of time and effort. To get high-quality video, you need to plan every step in advance and allocate time and resources efficiently.


Start by choosing a theme for your photo.


Let’s say you want to take a picture of an actor. You will need:


Find a playground or playground

Find the right player.

Scenario: The violin shows what you describe.

For example, the wide legs of an athlete; medium kick or jump or hitting an obstacle.


Then edit all files. You need to take the time to budget.


Sample Version

Don’t forget to sign the distribution form with the person in the video


In this document, the video is sent to the owner of the photo for editing. This means that no one will agree that you do not want to use this video for commercial purposes.


Repair of equipment

Publication is the name of a document signed by the website’s agent that is photographed for presentation to the film’s owner.


If an athlete has a tattoo, it should be considered property. Logos ensure that your name and other trademark identifiers do not appear in photographs. Also, wearing sportswear should not be a sign.


If you do not have access to the feed, but have a good image with the logo of a well-known company, you can upload this video to the exchange with admin comments.


This is an unlicensed type of license. However, use this video for non-commercial purposes only.





Always calculate all payments first. Whether it’s money or a photo shoot. Before we started taking pictures, we discussed the cost of the honeymoon.


This will affect the deletion of photos and improve your professional relationship with future models.


The rental of accessories must also take into account the cost of clothing and food.


For example, if you want to take a photo in a cafe bar, you need to get a license from the cafe and pay for a cup of coffee and sweets.




Decor and trends

Should I take a picture?


He has a business website and writes on career topics and many other popular topics. sidewalks; advertising tips can be found in supermarkets or other print media.


things are always in fashion;




a game



This is where you will start and it will be easy.


It is also important to consider the case of the opponent so as not to repeat history.


The more unique your content, the better. will most likely sell. Nobody controls your thoughts or ideas; only trading shows them what they need. If you have more experience, you can easily learn shooting techniques and lessons.


We sell archival photographs.


Invite models from different countries and cultures to watch your videos. Keep in mind that the video stock market is open to an international audience.


Upload video to photo platform gallery

It may take from several days to a year after you upload the first file for sale. Choosing the right title depends on your skill level and how carefully you use video metadata.


Metadata is information that helps search engines find users.



Your filename is a short, unique part of the video.


For example, the phrase “a group of friends taking pictures at sea” might be a good example of a document title.


“Friends on the Beach” is not the full text of this video; this reduces the likelihood that users will find the video.


Title length should not exceed 80 characters.



Try to include only relevant information in the description. Remember, your main task is to clearly articulate what is happening in the video.


The character

Text must include text that describes your video.


For example, a woman drinking coffee by the window. You can use words like coffee girl, breakfast cup.


You can add text to express ideas without giving reasons. Examples: convenience; family lifestyle


Model age; you can enter the date or year (this information can be seen in the picture).


Some pests can ruin a photographer’s career. This confuses. It intentionally combines top and popular keywords from your video terms and keywords that are relevant to your video. In this case, it cleans up the database.


Let’s say a user wants to find photos of their friends taking pictures on the beach. Instead, search engines return welders or animals. These are friends”; things that don’t match search terms like “photos” or “ocean”.


Some metropolitan banks imposed fines and closed space to taxpayers. Basically, in this way you can not only sell your files, but also increase access to the site.



Video sales – results

If you want to be adventurous while taking photos, inventory sites can help you get your say. I think this is one of the best places to start selling movies and make money creatively. High quality video is the future of the stock industry; so get started today.


Evgeny Shokolenko is a successful director and videographer. He is currently working on an impressive collection of 4,000 files that has been running for over 3 years.

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