Racism and its Harmful Effects on a Kid

by | February 11, 2020 | Mental Health

Racism is a prevailing factor that affecting the communities, health, and the new generation as a hurdle to accomplish their goals in the development of the nation. The kids are mainly confronting the issues of discrimination that are constantly degrading them and leaving behind from a civilized genre.

Racism is a belief of people based on their varied traits as physical appearance, characteristics, race differences, and origin. Moreover, it may be converted into prejudice and discrimination based on the superiority of one race to another and their social differences. It’s an evolution of the modern era and innovated from the European age of Imperialism and emerged from the Colonization of America, Africa, and Asia.

Thus, people are bearing the conflicts of differences based on racism for many years. That is transferring in the kids to face the same problems as their elders did. So, there’s a need to take immediate action to survive the treasure of nation- kids – to protect the future of our children and ourselves as well.

The Harmful Effects of Racism on a kid

The racism is acting as an obstacle in the success of kids and affecting them with serious harms like discrimination, demolition of personality, inferiority complex, low-quality education, health problems, and chronic stress.


The concept of considering one race, superior to another, is the root cause of extending discrimination and prejudice. It has mainly evolved due to the differences in physical appearance or skin color- between black and white- but it involves more like contrasting sex, beliefs, immigration, and sexual orientation that causes inequity as an incurable disease. The kids are facing such kind of prejudice of race daily that is extending to the generations as a permanent harmful factor of racism on kids.

Demolition of Personality

The clash of racism has emerged from the imperialism and colonization. That is the reason for combat between Americans and Africans passing towards kids to get through this dilemma. The American kids considered them superior to African kids, and blacks are not allowed to move in every field of their choice to succeed. This is demolishing the personality of kids that have emerged due to racism.

Low Quality Education

The inequity is another harmful effect of racism on kids. Due to antagonist beliefs and different race characteristics, the inferior races do not have the right to get adequate education and grow with as a qualified person. The Blacks supposed to be an inferior race and confined to poor education that is a major hurdle in their success.

Referencing the National Center for Education Statistics, the AAP statement notes that in the 2015–2016 school year, 88% of white students graduated from high school. In comparison, only 76% of African Americans, 72% of American Indians, and 79% of Hispanics did the same.

That exhibits the ratio of poor education in the kid due to the racism harmful influence.

Inferiority Complex

Deprivation of a kid’s rights filled his personality with many flaws. One of these flaws is suffering from an inferiority complex because they belong to a lower race and different traits. Although we all belong to the same race biologically yet, the color of skin matters in every way. The children who are African Americans, Hispanic, and American Indians are most likely unemployed and works at low wages. And a large no of kids are deprived of basic comforts of like good education, prosper life, and adequate housing that makes them feel inferiority complex, also an important harmful effect of racism.

Poor Health and Health Issues

One of the most concerned harmful effects of racism is the poor health issues of a kid that is facing due to discrimination. They have left untreated because they belong to a lower class or having low income as compared to the wealthier class.

A survey exhibits that a large number of kids suffering from poor health and other health problems due to discrimination of blacks or low wages. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), racism is a “socially transmitted disease”. And this disease is affecting a kid strongly.

Racism is becoming a cause of disease in kids that is chronic stress. Stress weakens the defensive system of the body and carrier of receiving chronic diseases more rapidly. That affects daily living and gives rise to the feelings of deprivation and fear.

What are the steps to be taken to prevent racism?

It is important to stop the harmful effects of racism on a kid. Although it’s not possible to completely prevent discrimination yet, steps could be taken for the stability of affected children to secure their career and rebuild their confidence.

  • Awareness: It is important to make a kid aware of their differences with other race, society, and community. The parents must make them confident and acknowledge reality rather than facing discrimination.
  • Equality of rights: There should be a system of equality to prevent racism in schools so that each kid would attain the right to a prosperous career ahead for sure.
  • Stop Institutional racism: It is a requirement to stop racism in schools to make sure a good education for all the kids without considering the differences in race.
  • Abolish biases: We need to amend our beliefs to broaden our visions about biases and abolish the concept of superior and inferior.
  • Speak up: It’s also necessary to motivate yourself and also others to talk about racism and discrimination whenever you see or hear about it.
  • Law for everyone: The rules and regulations should be applicable to everyone without discrimination. And the law should fight for all the people equally to give their deserved security and confidence.

To Sum Up

Finally, to sum up, the harmful effects of racism on a kid, I agree with Ruby Bridges,

“We keep racism alive. We pass it on to our children. I think that is very sad”.

So, it’s important to stop racism and protect the kids from the harms of discrimination for a prosperous and healthy life.

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