Why Pakistan is the top travel destination in 2020?

by | January 30, 2020 | Travel

Are you planning your trip for this year’s holiday season ahead or if you are an artist looking for undiscovered inspiration, Pakistan is the place to go? It has highly affordable prices and an eye-catching landscape. Pakistan has kept the fire of its ethnicity and culture burning hot in the chest of every Pakistani man and woman. This country has been announced as one of the top travel destination in 2020.

Pakistan ranked top travel destination by the Wild Frontiers travel company last month. In 2018, the British Backpacker Society also ranked Pakistan the number one travel destination in the world for the coming years. And in Dec 2019, Pakistan was named the best holiday and top travel destination by the United States-based luxury and lifestyle publication Conde Nast Traveler for the year 2020.

Pakistan, the versatile and under-discovered gem, located in southeast Asia, is one of the top travel destination in 2020. A terrain is lavishly generous in offering all types of beauty; From the great mountain ranges that have sheltered the proud civilization of ancient Pakistan, ever-flowing lush rivers and waterfalls, down to the seaport in the south. Nature is not the only thing that Pakistan has to offer so generously, the diverse ethnic group with hospitality bound to all different cultural kinfolks in Pakistan. This cultural diversity has brought forth music, handmade ethnic art pieces and food that is particular to every region. When it comes to historical heritage sites, this country has much to present; there are many world historic sites from great ancient civilizations to Mughal empire architectures that held in the heart of every Pakistani with pride.

Hospitality and People

In Pakistan, sharing food and even their cup of tea is a symbol of hospitality. There is a traditional belief among these gentle souls that if someone is their guest, they are bound to offer the best they have. This is the unique feature of Pakistani culture which makes it the best travel destination. Hospitality for them is above offering food and beverages; It is an act of honor. One of the common stories told by the tourist who travels to Pakistan is that they were not charged on many occasions when purchased some items. They were also offered food and tea while passing through villages. It is said that everything comes with a price, but in Pakistan, there is no expectation in return.

Away from their hospitality with food and presents, they are happy to help on any occasion. If you are unfamiliar with an area and need to find an address, you can just ask anybody. They are sure to help you with information. Sometimes they may even accompany you to ensure you have reached your destination. 

Types of Food in Pakistan

If you are a food enthusiast, you are headed the right way. Pakistani Cuisine, while using highly nutritional ingredients, is also lip-smacking delicious. They use lentils, butter, whole flour, and milk. When it comes to vegetables, you can have it in abundant; okra, potatoes, cabbages, and sometimes they use fruits like mangoes to add to their dishes. The vegetables and fruits are not usually stored. This gives the extraordinary taste to their food that is made from freshly harvested ingredients and of course the unique recipes.

This is a meat lover’s heaven; There are Baluchi specialties such as Dumpakht that is made from cooking a whole lamb intact, or Mutton Biryani which slow-cooked lamb together with rice. When it comes to meat, you can find it in variety in Pakistan; They barbeque fish, chicken, and red meat, blazed with a mix of spice that just kicks your appetite for more.

The vegan and vegetarian travelers are not left behind while traveling through Pakistan. There are many dishes that are pure vegan; the lentil stew or dhal, vegetable Biryani, potato dishes, and the list goes on. If you happen to find the food’s spices a little over the limit, you can just order a Lassi. It is a sweet yogurt drink that helps digestion and cools down those tongue burns.

Destination and Attraction of Pakistan

Pakistan has four provinces and three territories. There are many attractions in Pakistan; landmarks, museums, monuments, and the famous Pakistani forts.

The unique landscape and climate have created attractions that are solely related to Pakistan, beholding a curious mix of desserts to lush forests, mountain ranges to the sea and hills to flatlands. The beautiful nature of this land is home to numerous species of mammals and amphibians; many of which are rare and considered the endangered species. Below is a list of Pakistan’s exceptional attractions from north to south.

Northern highland

The north terrain embodies the three of the most daring and proud mountain ranges in the world; the Hindu Kush, Himalayan, and Karakorum mountain ranges. These mountains embrace Mount Godwin Austen, the second-highest peak after Everest among four other highest peaks of the world. The deepest canyon also is located at the bottom of Mount K2. Earth’s artful wrinkles on the surface of these mountains have created many subtle and azure lakes in between. The northern region is also the birthplace of many rivers that feed this fertile land. The tree high mountain ranges are the symbol of pride, persistence, and forte of the people of Pakistan.

Salt Range

A biodiverse and outstanding salt range located in the Punjab province of Pakistan has derived its name from the salt deposits. The rock salt mines in this region are pure and of high quality; a value that has turned Pakistan into the first salt supplier in the world. The green national parks and legendary river of Jhelum that have played an important part in ancient stories of Pakistan are extended from the Salt Range.

The Deepest Seaport (Gwadar Port)

It may seem like an unfertile land but a perfect place to gaze at the night skies that are filled with shooting stars. This land ends at the bottom of the Arabian sea- the deepest sea-port in the whole world that is the most important trading center of Pakistan.

Ancient Civilization

Pakistan was the birthplace of many ancient civilizations that have breathed the soul to the culture of this country. The river Indus is born from joining three rivers together. A river many years ago nurtured one of the most advanced and influential civilizations of the past; The sophisticate builders of Indus Valley civilization. There are heritage sites of this civilization left for the kin memory of ancestral perfection.

The 5000 years old Mohenjo-daro is the most conspicuous archeological site in Sindh, Pakistan, that was built by the Indus Valley Civilization.

Another mentionable site with over 3000 years of history is Gandhara, built by the ancient Buddhist. Gandhara sculptures were built with carving the giant figures into the massive rock of a mountain in one whole piece.

Harappan, the ruins of the bronze age, is another of many ancient cultural sites of Pakistan. This site, located in Punjab, Pakistan, was the cemetery of both Harappan and Indus valley civilizations.

Cultural Diversity

Pakistan is a country colored with diverse communal, ethnic and linguistic circumstances throughout the country.  From the traditions of Buddhism, Turkman, Sufism, Islam, and Hinduism, this country is a unique cultural elixir. They are liberal souls in their ideologies and humble hospitable individuals; all these authentic groups have one thing in common; they are all proudly in love with their motherland, Pakistan.

Experiences that Await You

This country is unique in many aspects, keep an open mind to blend in with the people and the culture. If you do so, you are going to have one of the best and the most memorable times of your life; This is also true for the most traveled people. An exceptionally hospitable population that is ready to be a friend or even just like a family member to you when you need them. You will find the most heart-warming cultural traits in Pakistan that have been wiped out in the most advanced societies here on earth.

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