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Nutrition Tips & Tricks

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Table of Contents


Tips for prepping nutritious meals

How to stay fueled throughout the day

Quick and healthy snacks

Eating before a workout

Strategies for reducing bloat

Nutrition & stress





Hi, my name is Kate Bock, I’m a model,  entrepreneur and health and wellness advocate. I’m

very excited about this topic and I actually get a  lot of questions about this. So mindbodygreen and

I together both pulled. Our audience is asked for  all of your top burning questions on the topic,

and I’m going to fill you in on my answers. But  I also brought in a very decorated professional.

She’s a Harvard and Yale trained ER doctor.  She’s also the founder of The TrueveLab.

I’d like to welcome Dr. Darria. Hi. Hi, Kate,  how are you? I’m good. We’re so excited to have

professional opinion on some of these answers.  I definitely have my own opinions, but I want

to hear what you have to say and kind of go from  there so we can get the best answers possible for

all the people that are asking. Well,  you have great insight on all of these,

so I’m just excited to be able to talk about them  together. Me too, me too.



Tips for prepping nutritious meals


OK, so question number

one will jump right in. What are some of your tips  for prepping nutritious meals for the week? Now,

Kate, you and I have talked about this before  because I know you have a super busy schedule too,

so I kind of have two roles in my family, and one  is that they’ll eat well and eat healthy food, and

that doing so doesn’t drive me crazy. So how do  we make healthy food easy, so kind of come up with

this whole meal plan guide and plan for the week  nights because it’s like it’s Tuesday at six p.m.

and your child or your fianc is hangry and asking  What’s for dinner is not the time to be trying to

figure out what you’re trying to cook. You know,  you’ll be scrounging through the cabinet. So

what we do is kind of is this meal plan Saturday  or Sunday and my meal plan I have about list of

about 20 meals. I know I can cook pretty easily  20 to 30 minutes that don’t have a ton of recipes

and you know, you’re not chopping tiny things  planned that out Saturday or Sunday. We choose

three meals, then go grocery shopping for those  three meals really quickly. And then I prep all

of it Saturday and Sunday, and there is no shame  in outsourcing your prep game if you need to. So

if it’s a crazy busy week, you know whether that’s  buying your veggies pre-washed and pre chopped or

buying them frozen. Or I’ll even go to the meat  department if I have to do like stir-fried chicken

because it’s cutting up the stir-fried chicken.   It’s such a pain. So I’ll go to the meat

department saying, you know, here’s my chicken.  It’s already wrapped of two pounds I’m buying.

Can you please unwrap it? Can you please chop it  into stir fry sizes and I’m going to do the rest

of my shopping and I’ll come back and they’ll  do it. They’re usually happy to do it as long

as they’re not busy. And then cooking is one  less step, so it’s about making healthy.

For sure, I think that’s such a big component of  it is just the time management and not dreading

it and not kind of figuring last minute, I’ll just  take whatever I can get, just doing the prep work

ahead of time and whether that’s Sunday’s or  whenever you have a little bit of free time and

prepping we and our fridge. I mean, my fiance is  a basketball player. He eats a ridiculous amount

of food, two lunches and two dinners every day. So  we’re really going through food at a fast rate in

our house. So really, to not have to be cooking a  fresh meal every single time, which I think would

drive me insane. I really prep the food ahead of  time. So whenever he’s hungry and comes home

or I’m hungry and in a rush, we have grilled  chicken in Tupperware in the fridge. We have

cut up avocados, we have lettuce. We have I make  kind of black bean croutons or chickpea croutons.

I have some dairy free kind of cheeses that I make  at home that are actually kind of fun to make,

and that’s something a little bit different.  You can add different spices to kind of make

a little variety in that, but that’s kind of a  regular fridge setup is that everything is in

Tupperware and ready to go because the difference  of seeing a package of chicken that is uncooked on

your shelf or a Tupperware of cooked chicken.   Once it’s cooked, you’re like, well, I got to eat

  1. I’m not going to put that to waste, I got  to eat it. So I really think that helps you kind

of encourage yourself to just pick the healthy  choice because when I’m at home starving and open

my fridge and there’s nothing, nothing to eat,  that’s when you pick the worst possible choice.

You’re going to eat like monkey see monkey eats.  And you know, studies have shown that too when

they literally just take families and don’t  even tell them to eat better, but they just

put the healthy food at eyeline. Families are  consistently eating better. We all do that. It’s

just an innate drive. So the finding the easy ways  to make it visible, make it prepped. I always say,

take the veggies, prep them, put them in some  pretty. I use a lot of glass canisters. Make

your fridge look like a salad bar. Because in  those green, grimy bags, in the produce drawer is

where produce goes to die. And then like two  weeks later, you find that like squished zucchini

that you just throw out. So it’s a waste, so take  that time and prep it. And be honest, if you don’t

have time to prep that, we buy the food prepped,  it’s fine. Whatever it takes to get the food ready

and easy, because then you’ll grab it. You’re  your fiance will grab it, my kids will grab it,

and it’s just so much easier. Yeah, I also  find there’s different shows or books that I’m

listening to, so I like to listen or listen to a  podcast. So if I have that and I’m really drawn to

a story, I’ll just kind of set that on the counter  and then chop up my red pepper or whatever it is.

And I feel like when I see a solid red pepper  in my fridge, I never pretty much never choose

to eat it because it just feels like so hard,  like it takes me writing minutes to cut it. Yes,

but if it’s chopped up and it’s in a Tupperware  and there’s just slices kind of ready to go,

they’re delicious and they’re so good for you  and they’re such a crunchy, healthy snack.

And it really is that difference. Like, it’s it’s  two minutes of your time, but if you do it ahead,

somehow you’re drawn to it. And if you don’t, then  the chip is what you choose instead. And that’s

not going to feed you in the same way. A chip  or like last year’s Easter candy or something. And

peppers are something that really can last  if you chop them the right way. There’s

a process to all these. We did a lot of  trial and error in my house. And so I ended

up making this video instruction series  of here’s how to store each one. But like

red pepper, for instance, you wash it and  to store it, you have to wash it and then

dry it really well, like dry inside and outside  after you’ve taken out all of the seeds. Because

if it has droplets of water, it’s going to get  mushy faster. So learning those secrets so that

when you chop your fruit and veggies on Sunday  they last, you need them to last till Friday.

You don’t need them to last two weeks. Because you  will have eaten them if they’re visible. So like

anybody watching whatever your family likes,  but doesn’t usually get around to eating,

just chop up two or three of it this weekend.  Throw it in the fridge, throwing in a little

paper towel to absorb the moisture and they’ll eat  it. It’ll be gone by mid-week. Yeah, it’s even

the same on the go. Like, if I don’t feel like  I have time to really take those things with me,

if they’re already chopped, I just throw them in  a Ziploc and head out the door and then suddenly

I’m eating like red peppers and carrots in the  Uber, the taxi, wherever I’m going instead of,

you know, a less healthy alternative. So I think  it really is about the prep work and just make it

part of your routine, and that really, really does  make a difference. OK? Jumping on to number two,



How to stay fueled throughout the day




what are your strategies for staying  fueled throughout the day?



So this is really important because, you know, in  my life and in your life too, you know, you are

on set or you’re filming or you’re shooting.  I’m either in the E.R. or I’m shooting kind of

slightly differences, but maybe those two,  those two worlds are different. But either way,

for both of us, you have to maintain your energy  and you also probably don’t necessarily have time

to be eating. So for me, if you wanted to keep  that nice, you want to be to keep your blood sugar

nice and level. So this took me a while to figure  out I used to, Kate. You’ll probably roll your

eyes at me, but when I was in residency, I used to  have bags of Swedish fish in my white coat pockets

because I’d get so tired and then need to reach  for that hit in the middle of an E.R. Shift.

And then I’d crash two hours later, I would  just be totally crashed. So I I saw the light.

I reformed and now any snack is going to  have three things: it’s going to have fiber.

It’s going to have protein and good fats. And  it leaves me to have two of those. But I like

all three, because the protein and the good  fats are going to slow your digestion, slow

and slow that and blunt that bump in your  insulin. Because the higher insulin goes,

then the lower your glucose is going to crash.  And the fiber also makes me feel full, like

I can eat a bunch of almonds which are  going to be that protein and that good fat,

but I don’t feel full. So that’s where the  almonds come in with an apple or with some

chopped papaya or some chopped peppers. If you mix  those three nutrients together, you will feel full

longer, which is what you need to maintain that  even blood sugar and energy during the day.

Yeah, that’s the thing. A snack isn’t a snack.  You know, there’s there’s good snacks and bad

snacks and kind of just eating something. And I  know candies and sugars, and I’ve totally fallen

victim to the same thing on set when we have  super long days and craft services is there

and we’re lucky that there is food, but often  it is little chocolate bars or little candies,

and you you see them and you’re like, oh, I’m  tired, I want that little sugar hit. But really,

in fact, if you eat something that’s much more  nutritious, you’ll either you’ll feel fuller

and it will last longer and you won’t have the  crash. But I also just find you have to like,

I need to snack, especially when I’m. I mean,  I think similarly with your job and I’m sure

with busy moms are all different lifestyles  at work. You don’t necessarily get to eat at

the exact same time every day and you kind of  are running around doing different projects. So

you never know. So always having sort  of those healthy options with you

is really great. So whatever that is, if that’s  prepping some almonds and apples or I always

have these little almond butter snacks with me,  either on every purse for flights and, you know,

just days in the car or walking around the city  and just having those kind of ideas with you

and making sure you have a healthy snack to go,  I think just makes all the difference because it

really has been for me in particular, if I wait  too long and I’m like, there’s no healthy option,

so I’m not going to eat anything or I’m allergic  to dairy, so sometimes on set they’ll have

options that I really can’t eat. And then if I  wait too long when I do eat is when I, you know,

literally like, overeat because I feel so hungry  and panicked that I’ll eat a ridiculous amount or

just make the worst decisions for food. You know,  it’s better to kind of break it up and eat when

you’re hungry and spread it out than just wait  all day and snack and then it’s a disaster.

Agreed. I think people make errors. We mess up, we  don’t follow our best choices. When we forget that

our primal brain for eating is, you know, it’s  a very primal, primitive brain. So it’s like you

don’t eat for a while and you just mentioned you  get panicked. Why would we get panicked? Because

we know we have food, but that’s not how your  brain thinks. Your brain thinks I haven’t eaten.

I’m starving and I’m stressed out, which means  something bad is going to happen. So I need to eat

more and I need to store it all as fat. And so  we just need to acknowledge that and acknowledge

that we’ll eat what we see and that when we’re  hungry, we’ll make bad choices and accept that

and then set ourselves up for success.   Yeah, and I think rule of thumb in general is

avoid the prepackaged things like even if they say  they have the low sugar and the high carb and then

whatever. Often not totally, totally true. So if  we can pick kind of fresher, healthier things that

really, you know, like the apple and the almonds  is probably going to do a little bit better than

a protein bar that might have some  other weird stuff in there, too.



Quick and healthy snacks


Well, let’s talk about that, Kate. I know we  were going to talk about like, what are some

of your go to snacks? Yes. Yes. What are  some of mine? I, in fact, have mine with me

at the moment. Right now, these are just  little almond butter packets and they’re just

almond butter with a flavor. I have these with  me at all times because when I’m on planes,

I find airports have the worst options for food,  so that is something I really get frustrated with.

I also when I go to work or when I am traveling,  and I know that’s going to kind of pass over a

meal time. I just bring my own. I just prep it at  home, put it in a Tupperware or grab one. I just

find if I know that I have something, I’m going  to enjoy and feel good about eating it like

sort of makes me proud of myself in a way that,  like I was able to prepare. And it kind of puts

me in a better headspace too like, I know I did  everything to kind of take care of myself and feel

the best. And when I get home later, I’m not going  to, you know, binge or feel totally exhausted and

drained because I did actually just prepare  to eat in a way that really works for me.

Yeah, I love that. I think those are so great  because you’re right, you set yourself up for

success. And then how do you and I have a couple  of my own? My nut butter is one of my go to,

especially before a long filming day. Today,  I realize my family put the peanut butter jar

back in the fridge empty, which was super helpful.  But nut butters are great. I think another thing

to remember is a snack doesn’t have to be a snack  food. And for me, because often, as you mentioned

a lot of times snack foods are going to have more  sugar, more salt, more stuff in them. So if you

do work in an office, one of the things that I  have done in the past is in my office literally

keep a couple of cans of like Amy’s lentil soup  or Amy’s vegetable soup or some something like

that. Some of that you can pop the top off  of. And then if you have access to a fridge,

when I go grocery shopping, I’ll just buy an  extra six plums or six apples, whatever. I feel

like that’s really easy to claim that they stick  that in the fridge. Then if you’re on one of those

days, you cannot get out to eat or you missed  a snack or you just need a snack pop open the

soup. There have been busy times. I was on so  many calls. I didn’t even have time to heat the

soup, but it’s OK. You can be more civilized.  Heat up your soup. You see you have soup and

you have a plum. You are at least full for the  next few hours. Or frozen veggies. I’ll keep,

you know, keep some parmesan in that work  office fridge and some extra virgin olive oil.

Pull out the frozen broccoli. Nuke it for two  minutes. Pour some olive oil on it. Some Parmesan.

Again, that’s a great snack, and it’s really  delicious, and it doesn’t necessarily feel like,

you know, the lump in your stomach. And then  also, of course, the all. I always still keep a

handful of bars in my drawer, in my bag, just  in case, you know, if everything else fails,

like if it’s Luna bars are RX bars, any  number of different things. So at least

you have something which is still better than, you  know, we’re still going to have protein and better

than reaching for junk food. For sure, for sure.  Yeah, sometimes if I’m at home and I know a lot

of us are working from home these days, I have  just like I buy those little lettuce cups and

I’ll have my pre-made grilled chicken. So if I’m  just extra hungry and I need an extra hit, I’ll do

a little lettuce wrap with a piece of chicken  and some avocado and really just roll it up.

And it’s just one. It’s not a full meal, but it’s  just something that will kind of keep me going so

that I don’t get to the shaky, panicky state,   which is, yes, I love that. Like, have a just like

a mini piece of a meal for your snack and you’ll  often get that good mix of nutrients cause we

think of it for a meal easily. And it wasn’t to  be hard. Hmm. Mm hmm. No, amazing. What do



Eating before a workout



you suggest eating before or after a workout? So  this really depends on you as an individual, like

what your goals are and what kind of workout it  is. And then just like your own makeup, so are you

trying to lose weight or are you trying to work  out to bulk up and be super muscular or something

endurance? If you’re trying to lose weight, then  I would say don’t eat extra because the workouts

like that would totally defeat the purpose of the  workout to lose weight unless you’re starving eat

just enough to be able to get you through that.  Because actually, we know that if you are hungry,

if you workout in the morning, you’ve  already burned through that glycogen

overnight, that glycogen storage that when you  work out, you’re going to be more likely to

burn more fat. So don’t eat something. That  said, if you’re trying to build muscle, then

you’re going to want to focus more on that protein  field to give you that necessity versus if you’re

doing endurance run to give yourself the energy.  So pay attention to what your goals are because

there’s not otherwise a magic answer and then  pay attention to yourself. If you’re starving,

eat something. If not, then do so accordingly.   Yeah, I think it’s also a balance. And also,

what time of day are you working out? You know,  if you’re someone that does it first thing in the

morning, maybe you didn’t eat, but you eat as soon  as you get home. Or I usually I am really stuck on

my eggs. If you follow me, you probably see that  I eat the same breakfast every single morning and

I love it. So I do my two scrambled eggs and that  just works for me. It doesn’t sit do heavy because

I definitely do not enjoy working out,  whether it’s hot yoga or run, you know,

whatever variety of workout. I do not enjoy  that if I’ve just eaten a heavy meal for me,

that is unpleasant, completely unpleasant.   But I think it yeah, it really depends on your

goals because you could be very fit and  healthy and working out all the time and

eating because you’re trying to build muscle or  you’re trying to slim down or you’re trying, you

know, it just sort of depends on your lifestyle.  So I don’t think there’s a yeah, like a rule of

thumb on if you should or shouldn’t. I know when  I am trying to build muscle, my trainer always

wants me to have protein right after the workout  to really kind of build on what we worked with.

And I think, yeah, if I just get hungry,  then I’m really a big almond butter fan,

too. So if I need a scoop of almond butter or  a little pack or something, that works for me,

but I don’t try to eat way more or less when  I’m working out, I just sort of really feel like

it was maybe annoying when I was younger. People  would say, like, just listen to your body. And now

maybe I’m a little bit more mature and I’m  like, Yeah, I just eat when I’m hungry and I

I really notice, like if I eat too much and I  think we all do that. Sometimes when you have,

you know, Thanksgiving dinner is or a big holiday  event, I really don’t feel good like it’s so just

not worth it. I feel awful. And then the next  day, I feel lethargic, and I’m sort of less prone

to working out the next day because I still  feel heaviness in my stomach. So I think just

really having a good balance of breaking things  up throughout the day, you know, I do enjoy like

a chocolate covered almond. Very much so if I  need that midday because I have the craving or

in the evening, that’s fine. But it makes it sort  of maybe that cured my sugar cravings So then I’m

not going to overeat later. So I think it really  is just all about balance, whether you’re working

out or not. And I think that’s right. And  yes, listening to your body, this is actually


Strategies for reducing bloat


a question. I get a lot. What are your strategies  for reducing bloat? So that’s a really good one.

And do you want to take a start on that?   So my go to strategies for reducing bloat,

I think it’s a multiple kind of answer question.  I drink a ton of water. I always thought I drank

a ton of water until I saw Kevin drink water and  realized I’m not drinking enough. I find sodas

definitely make me bloat, so avoiding sodas really  makes a difference. I think eating consistently,

you know, having that balance because I think  if you get too hungry and then overeating,

that kind of throws you off kilter. So trying to  keep your body as balanced as possible. But I also

understand a lot of us with chaotic schedules.   I travel a lot. I’m always moving around, as are

many and most people. So that’s not always  possible. So something that can really kind of

help me stay on track is taking a probiotic.  So I actually take mindbodygreen’s probiotic+.

This is something I take every morning, and it’s  kind of just like a supplement that helps beat

bloat and it helps support my gut health.* So if  I can’t be eating completely consistently like

I would like to in a fantasy world, it kind of  helps support what I can’t do on the regular.*

I love that I like that you really seem to have  a great holistic perspective when it comes to gut

health, is what you’re talking about. And I do the  same, and again, it’s a multi-pronged approach. So

I think hydration. I think physical activity is  really important, even just walking like we see

in the hospital. When people are very sedentary,  their gut doesn’t function the same way. And then

it comes down to diet. And what are you eating  to support your gut health as well? And that’s

probiotics and prebiotics. So if people  sometimes take a probiotic supplement, you also

can get a lot of probiotics in your foods. You can  get them from your whole foods like yogurt. Look

for labels that say they have multiple strains.  Kefir. Fermented vegetables. Sauerkraut. Kimchi,

all those things. I keep fermented sauerkraut  from Whole Foods. I like to throw on my salad.

It’s really delicious. And so then you’re getting  the probiotics in there and then you want to get

your prebiotics, too, which is something that  even if you’re taking a probiotic supplement,

you may want to take. Also, a prebiotic  because prebiotics are that insoluble

fiber that is the food for the little belly  bugs that we want to have. So your berries,

your Jerusalem artichokes, all sorts of things  are important prebiotics to feed that healthy

gut bacteria. OK. I hope that’s helpful  because I do find I get that question a lot, and

I think it’s it’s a multi answer question. So  there’s a lot of things you can do, but kind of

figuring out what things and you know, I’m  allergic to dairy, so I can’t necessarily have

a lot of the yogurts and things that I think  do have prebiotics and probiotics in them. So

finding a supplement or finding vegetables that  have those, I think is really important just to

kind of add into your regular schedule  because I don’t think it’s just like a

take one thing one time when your your bloat is  going away, it’s kind of like a lifestyle that

will beat the bloat. Next up, can nutrition help  our bodies handle stress better?


Nutrition & stress


It’s such a

good question there. She’s an expert on this one  particular. I’m going to be a student now too.

Oh, good, I was. That’s good because I was  a student, you know, not long ago when we were

looking at this, there are so many ties between  our diet and our stress, and it it goes both ways.

We know that diet impacts how we feel and I’ll get  to that. But then our stress impacts our health.

And in fact, they found that that visceral fat,  that fat in your belly. So maybe also getting to

bloat may actually be seen as like visceral fat,  which is fat inside your organs is more responsive

to stress hormones. So when your cortisol is  chronically elevated, your body thinks something’s

going to happen. A saber tooth. Tiger is  about to chase me down, so I need to eat more

and then everything I eat, I need to store it  more as fat. So we’ll talk about that. And then,

of course, what you eat affects that as well.  So let’s talk about that. Two prongs. First is

what you eat. You want to eat something, eat those  foods that are not going to be super high sugar,

super high fat things that are going to spike  your insulin levels and spike those hormones.

So instead, you’re going to want to eat. We’ve  talked about it before. Those really those

whole foods, those good proteins, those good  good fats. And also we, as we talked about,

don’t let yourself become starving because  the more starving you are, the more stressed

your body response is and you eat badly. So you  also want to make sure you’re getting your omegas.

So make sure you’re eating foods that are with the  salmon and flax that’s really going to help you.

Your polyphenols, your red wine, all in  moderation, your blueberries, your leafy greens,

all of those. And even like your vitamin  E rich foods. Spinach, avocado. Almonds,

you know you love avocado, Kate. And I think you  just named all my favorite foods. There we go.

There you go. That’s why you should be healthy and  beautiful and not stressed all at the same time.

So that’s how your diet can impact your stress.  And then the other thing is to be mindful,

you know, we’ve been talking about when you’re so  busy, you’re just like grabbing a meal on the go.

Take a moment when you’re eating to eat  mindfully. There’s a big, mindful eating movement,

and it really matters. It matters and what you  choose to eat, it matters and how much you end

up eating because you’re going to eat less. It  also matters how you digest. I mean, if you’re

running around or watching something and trying  to like watch a work briefing while you’re eating,

it doesn’t feel good. So those what do they eat  the right foods. And then when you do eat, even if

it’s two minutes to be mindful about what you’re  eating and just be present and feel and digest it,

those are two things that diet can do  to really impact your stress levels.

I really do notice that I find Kevin and I  were both very tall from very young ages,

and I think we were growing so fast that we were  both the types that would try to eat as quickly

as possible. So we got like as much or more than  our siblings. So we kind of both have this like

foods in front of us. You better eat it quickly.  And we kind of both together have been trying to

focus on just like eating slower, you know, like  your food will still be there. Everything’s OK.

And if you kind of consciously eat slower and  you’re actually aware of what you’re eating and

not maybe watching something or being distracted  by something, but really just enjoying a meal,

which is also a nice kind of personal time  which could help with your stress or you are

listening. We’ve been very into podcasts and  books and kind of listening to stories together,

so it’s like our time that we get to catch up  on our on our show or whatever we’re learning

about. And then you, you do eat less and  you don’t like sometimes you get maybe like

it really just helps digestion like slowly,  like you shouldn’t be burping after every

meal and eating. A lot of people do, but it’s  because they’re eating so fast, right? And

it lets you savor. I think so much of our this  crazy busy epidemic people talk about that I

come out so much against so often is because  we’re also just not taking moments to savor

that moment. So instead of thinking I got to eat,  I got to put the food in really quickly. Say, OK,

I have to eat. Let me take five minutes when I  can. I take five minutes. I eat lunch with my son

now that I’m working from home and it’s like, it  just forces you to kind of just take that moment,

take a breath because we don’t have time during  the day and just have a nice meal, right? Like,

we’re not saying you need to take the entire  hour and prepare a beautiful meal and take

all your time. But even if you’re just given 10  minutes, try to just disengage in like, really

just, you know, I’m not saying you have to thank  your food for existing, but just be present with

your food and then you’ll enjoy it more and  it’ll help with your stress levels also. OK,





so those are all of our burning nutrition  questions, and I have to thank Dr. Darria so

much for giving so much amazing perspective.  I think I’m going to learn so much from the

series as well as you guys, and I hope this has  been educational and fun. So we will be back

shortly with episode two. So check back in with  us. And thanks so much. Have a great day and

try some of the tips and tricks that we’ve  sent and if you want to tag us or share we

would love to see kind of your feedback and what  you guys have tried and what works for you, so

interact with us. This was all really kind of  brought on and created by the questions that you

ask us regularly. So we’re really trying to help  you and answer your questions. So let us know how

we’re doing, what else we can answer, and we’ll  get those sorted out and share it back to you.

to meet your target or you can

have chicken, eggs and take

protein shake. You can take

mummy wala protein shake, you

can take gym body builder

protein shake, protein shake is

the purest form and highest

biological value modern ah ah

yeah that’s the best you can do

to yourself. Body muscle pain

regular exercise recover you

have deep rooted problems like

some sclerosis or anything.

Problem you know New mothers

for me.

protein guys. Any answers?

I love roti. Roti


go to flaxseed roti. Flax seed

flaxseed roti.


in short calorie deficit fancy


daily 2, 500 calories

two thousand

body, body, fat mass ah

percentage 22. 5. 23 we have

better survival rates from

disease. And dying. Because of

food not available.


life underweight BMI Oh. Always

have them. Always have them.

But after AZ couple of ah

pregnancy cover normal pay over

BMI. Survival




to the teeth.


synthesize anything, synthesize

without vitamin D.

Vitamin D sign it’s an

essential essential mandatory

vitamin D morning

recommendation recommendation

percent level.

is a special environment

animal protein 20 amino acid


Sorry. Vegetarian. It’s your

choice we can’t we can’t ah

have an opinion about it. Hmm.

But we can suggest foods which

are completing your protein.

Complete proteins meat dairy ah

egg amino acids ah twenty


Rice combined complete protein

macaroni cheese food

supplements and when there is

varied. Ah that is true, that

is true. Weight loss

multivitamins and they have

deposit immediately weight loss

definitely over. Any diet for

hypothyroid in 13 year old,

please get her checked and see

what is her level?

Thirty, 13 years hypothyroid

first gluten sorry compulsion

one hour of exercise. The way

you exercise excess the point

of ah ah oxygen consumption

that changes

thyroid levels synthesize body

thyroid is a very big hormone.

It controls almost 85% of your

hormonal function. One R

exercise YouTube exercise

badminton Xbox but Vi trail one

hour, six ah days in a week and

you see within two, three

months how she stops the

medication. There are people

who are from and exercise they

have stopped their ah thyroid

medicine. So 13 years is quite

possible. She can reverse the

condition. Ah exactly.

I am in her not saying about

diet. I am saying emphasizing

nothing about diet and thyroid.

Thyroid exercise there is

something called in yoga

humming exercise. Brahma

Brahma, Brahmariasana. It it

goes like this. You are going

to hold your ears or you’re

going to hum. First you collect

energy and then you release.

It’s like this.

high frequency

set for life.

one, it is not a complete

source of food.

thyroid. Hyper, hyper, hyper,

yeah. medicine continue

hypermobile weight gain is a


or you have to see ah food

extra surplus surplus deficit

surplus thyroid problem


enzymes but I would not

recommend, I have to study your

case general

thyroid thyroids hyperic hyper.

Hyper weight gain

supplements medicines hyper

hyper weight gain

skin face maybe you might have

some deficiency

in every 2 years exams exams

Ah ah hi, Ah I think ah

pregnancy 85 by, 85 by sixty-5.

Six, one, fifty-four.



continue the project proper

diet contact design

side. All body parts, all my

body part.

Controversial statement

actually twenty-five

major postpartum depression

which is under non

their hope is that their

therapy sessions vitamin D

ladies take your vitamin D



kicks in. Not for everyone but

major cases. Major cases. All

of us. Vitamin major vitamins

or minerals anti deficiency

logo. Yes. One of that is

magnesium. Magnesium. Vitamin

magnesium column column Plus

percentage. That person

Ah. We know the solid

introduction. Okay, I thought

solid introduction is solid

introduction. Meaning mother’s

breast milk totally.

Meaning, right? Veena Vera.



diet. a simple diet or exercise

multivitamins that would be

in the proper study hundred

percent clarify

because I used to take this may

be that’s why confirm

vitamin D is important.

already time

specially when it comes to food

disorders. You know.

Heights. Actually ah

chicken injections.

move. Humans are created to

move that not to stay in a

queue because

if I am not wrong.

Exactly. Up till fifty years

That is

because gyming becomes very ah

boring at some time. For a year

you can go for gym. But ah

include some sport

in moderation or there is no

problem. Second question was

ma’am, sorry.

Professional ah adapt

I would recommend ah nutri

it is offending to anybody but

degree takes you so deep and ah

leaves you with ah information

diploma on the other hand short

course ready for field and

that’s my personal opinion

friends and family degrees

diploma commerce background

degree but ah after kids 2013

start nutrition and I took lot

of diploma and I think I am

doing better than people

for your beautiful advice. Ah

first one I drop the questions

ah healthy diet yeah healthy

lifestyle achieve so

movement lifestyle ah balance

go for a walk, just go for a

drink. Ah for the divinity


not be calling yourself a

foodie. That should not be your

identity. It’s nothing nice

about it. It’s not something

praiseworthy. You can call

yourself an athlete, you can

call yourself a reader, you can

call yourself a ah a

philosopher, you can call

yourself passionate or

something else. But something

like foodie is actually not

very healthy. Foodies identify

over weight. So don’t embrace

hoodiness. There is nothing to

be embraced as a no exactly.

I am living for food. And for

me this is so stupid. Because I

am not. I am eating because I

have to live. You know this

this should be the idea of

life. Energy

You know. So ideas. I recall

cheese. Ladies I know. Yeah.


Hobbies will help you. Got it?

True. Yeah, I’ll When I used to

be lean, what I used to do at

that time.

That’s true. Thank you Chanda

Ali. Thank you Chanda.

Hi, it’s


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