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Kindle Publishing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Books on Amazon

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Alexis Tip:

I don’t usually guest post, but I do. This is an exception. This is a post from my teammate Heather Van der Hooper, who helped me get my first Kendall book published. His brainwashing allowed us to succeed in this endeavor, so he asked us to share some tips and tricks that we could learn from. This is a great result of Kindle radio design. be happy!


Photos: You love your work –

It’s easy to publish your latest cover on your website, but there are many authors on Amazon Kindle who are willing to share their work with new readers. She is attractive. The Kundalini version poses many challenges, especially in terms of design and design.


But if Alexis has it, the new system; experience with style and technique. When he wrote his latest book, You Want Your Business, he knew he wanted to try his hand at the candle market.


Lesson book. How to get the final product of the documentary?


  1. Select WPC or WPC.

You will have a choice between Kindle Live Edition and KDP Select. Both connect to the millions of Kindle owners and readers who use the Kindle app on smartphones and tablets. Both offer 70% off books from $2.99 to $9.99.


The biggest difference is that the KDP option requires a 100% pro version – your digital book can’t be sold anywhere.


While the benefits of the KDP option are widely discussed, this book is an obvious choice for several reasons:


Lesson: Alexis wondered if this could be a valuable addition to an online store focused on using Amazon’s algorithms to attract new subscribers and increase sales for Kindle owners. This article does not want to detract from the experience of publishing on various sites, but wants to use KDP so as not to offend us.


Action: On multiple platforms, we have decided to focus our efforts on one instead of maximizing our efforts.


Promotional Option: The KDP option allows you to book five to seven days a week for free. If you use KDP you can create your own ad, but if your book is less than 2.99 you will be given a 35% discount.


Credit Library: All selected KDP books are included in the Kindle Owner Credit Library, which is free for Amazon Premium members. Every time you borrow a book, you save a monthly amount (up to $1.2 million as of April 2014). The lottery is not very expensive, but I think I will take the book many times. Some unexpected results: in February and March 2014 we received only 5 loans.


Using KDP or broadcasting on multiple platforms is a personal decision. You need to know what this means for your business. One of the instructors who worked on the WPC exam for him was Steve Scott, who prepared 39 books for his project. The benefit I mentioned is that you can let the numbers travel across multiple workbooks and be more connected to the rest of the table.


  1. Create and customize your cards.

Your maps are an important part of the eBook. This is to force Amazon to remove its top 100 listings and to show potential customers that “customers who bought this product also bought it.” As long as our socialist team has a designer, experiment with designing sites like 99 Designs or Crowdspring.


Your card is small but looks great: Your Bought Customers book page only shows the 60 x 90 px version of 160 x 250 px. Bright colors, bold text, and sharp images help create eye-catching outfits. I need an image with a resolution of 1563 x 2500 pixels. The best deals on Amazon are 1.6 odds.


One way to talk to potential students is to ask your designer to come up with two or three options and ask your audience for their opinion. This not only allows you to select the exact parameters, but also gives you details that you never expected before. Alexis students choose the latest designs and provide valuable feedback to make the cards more interesting.


  1. Transfer your text to Moby.

Download the book in .doc, RTF PDF txt format. Although ePub and HTML downloads are technically possible, many experts recommend downloading the book in Moby’s dedicated Kindle edition. The conversion process, which you can do yourself, is time consuming – make sure everything works. But then to save time to read the book; the process is similar to learning.


First, download the free Amazon KindleGen and Kindle Previewer apps. KindleGen converts HTML files to Moby; Kindle Previewer shows you how your books will look in different Kindle versions.


Then turn on the screwdriver and get ready to insult your brain. Where can I find KindleGen after Wi-Fi? The integration options will change for you. All you need to do is select a template option.


There will be many trials and tribulations. I’ve postponed the test at least 25 times and recommend playing around with different settings to see which one works for your book. Less than 10 seconds per payment. You’ll spend a lot of time experimenting with Kindle and tweaking filter pack options.


A few tips: don’t include the map in your collection as it needs to be downloaded separately from Amazon. When you edit Worm, you can automatically create a list with links to each section. Check the box under HTML settings. Choose whether the default is middle or left. Then go to settings and check the box next to “Original Content”.


If you have a complex class name and structure like Alexis Book, Edit -> Transcription Links -> New Link; In the HTML settings, select the “Convert Scanner Links to HTML Links” box and convert it to regular hyperlinks.


For more information on this process, read Patrick Hester’s Quick Guide to Screening series, especially Creation Messages on eBay. In a guest post on Design Books, EdTito explains how quick and easy the process is and how exciting the Google+ display community is. If you don’t have worms, the software engineer supports a 30-day free trial for Windows and Mac users (for example, a 30-day trial that can’t be downloaded after 30 days).


  1. Amazon Listings and Pricing

Before moving on to the technical aspects of downloading and publishing books, let’s look at the technical aspects of this process. Book your book at least 48 hours in advance. Alexis’ book ends in eight hours, but if anything goes wrong, he’ll always be there.


Photo: #1 Works well with Amazon Pro.


Jeff Kahns recommends submitting the book a few weeks before the optimal publishing date on Amazon and sharing it with friends and family in your area. Families recommend sending a free copy to friends and bloggers. They also commented on it. Shared Chats So, when you tell the world about your book on Amazon Books, potential customers will find important and positive feedback for those who don’t know about your business. Jeff is offering 150 to 200 free copies for cash. We only post 11 comments a day and spend a lot of time on it, but those comments feel wrong.


There are two simple things to keep in mind when choosing a book: This section of the Kindle bookstore will help customers find your book in the top 100 searches. Professional educator consultation is complete (4 hours per week, $100 per week) and constantly looking for work. However, we took first place in both categories.


When looking for a job on Amazon, your job should come first.


Add seven words to accompany your readers in your book. Think about it: under what circumstances will a potential buyer of a candle see this? Does your book answer this question? Upload your card to see if your book needs DRM protection (posted by Alex).


Congratulations, you can now receive the book. Click the Browse button and select your mobile file. Check online browsing again after installation; then go to the pricing section and click “Save” to continue.


The choice of patent depends on the price you choose. We set the price to $4.99 and the 70% off book is $2.99 to $9.99 so it’s worth it. As Jeff Gones said, how do you get started with Kindle? Why choose 35% and make Amazon an important part of your business?


  1. Reward your loyal audience.

Early customers may become part of your current target audience: blog readers, followers, and social media friends. Know the rewards of supporters who are happy and support your business.


Recipients make a lot of money in the first 24 hours because your regular price has to go up to $0.99 before the job is done and the cost is $0.99. Alexis Email is offering a bonus to anyone who submits a photo of an honest review on launch day: 20% off coupons for two courses or two trainings and seven new comments.


Another effect is that it rewards early buyers: when people buy, Amazon’s algorithm promotes your book to potential customers who will buy your book. Help me move to the advanced level


  1. Advertise your book.

While Amazon may offer your book to new readers, the algorithm must secure the first (potential) sale of the book. Get help from Amazon You need to publish information about your book.


Alexis laid out our marketing and advertising plans in a launch analysis article and we did a great job. But your efforts don’t end there – you want to keep marketing until your book starts selling.


What is the best way? Write and publish guest posts in support of your book. Share important expenses on social media. We have prepared several excerpts for some quotes from the book. Blog posts contain links to email subscriptions to your social networks and book updates. Announced plan: KDP exam every 90 days; you can count up to five to seven days. Find new clients for book marketing.


Photo: Investing in yourself is building your own brand


  1. Live according to your values.

Want to see the benefits of this job?


Use a simple spreadsheet to track your book activities as we measure (we use Google Docs)


Sales: Your KDP report only shows sales for the month. If you want to trade daily, follow this report 24 hours a day. In our experience, we have tracked sales in all countries and have been amazed by the statistics outside of North America. We are in the UK; Danish customers from Spain and Australia are welcome.


Credit: This book is in the Kindle Owner’s Credit Library. Depending on the loan amount, you will receive a partial monthly package. Help manage your credit score. The Amazon algorithm is considering selling it. Paid invoices appear on the same monthly sales report and are tracked monthly.


Comments: Check your book’s sales page; see how many comments he has and what the students are saying. We track page views for each star rating and record weekly reviews.


Ratings: We see this as part of the experience after several ratings from Kendall Insider like Steve Scott ($0.99 Free New Kindle Book). To see your book’s overall ranking in the Kindle Store and in each category, see your book’s sales page in the product description section. Forecasts are updated every hour. Update every few minutes.


Alexis included our initial results in a previous blog post, but the latest figures for February 2014 were 8,200.24 out of 168 sales.


As Alexis writes, you make a lot of money, but you love your job. “The goal here is not direct income. The goal is to help people see things differently. Happiness”.


If you have any questions about the Kindle computing process, we will try to answer them in the comments.

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