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Step By Step Guide To Start A Trucking Business

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e video is about how to start a successful trucking company step by step in as little as 45 days by the following these steps:
Step 1: Business Plan
Step 2: Incorporating Your Business
Step 3: Filing For Your Permits
Step 4: Purchasing Your Equipment
Step 5: Insurance
Step 6: Business Management System(s)
Step 7: How Will You Get Paid
Step 8: Setting Up Your Truck
Step 9: Start Running Freight


Introduction :

Are you looking to learn how to start a
successful trucking company i know you
can go anywhere in the world there’s a
thousand youtube videos you can do all
this google do all the google searches
and all that kind of stuff which is
great however um to start a successful
trucking company there is a certain
blueprint in certain steps that you have
to take and in this video you’re going
to learn the exact steps that you need
to take to start your trucking company
on the right foot
for a lot of drivers that i talked to a
lot of owners that i talked to they said
you know i wish i would have just went
ahead and started it uh because i had a
lot of fears i had a lot of anxieties
about you know what i should do and how
much this and do so they they played it
safe by staying as an owner operator
leased onto a company and making peanuts
or leased onto a company became a lease
purchase owner operator making peanuts
when in reality you’re doing the same
thing and you’re you’re earning less for
the same thing that you’re doing it may
take a little bit more and you’re going
to learn in this video what it takes to
succeed in trucking now trucking is a
very stable uh stable industry for the
for the most part um it’s growing at a
rate of five through three to five
percent per year
and in 2026 is projected to be at two
trillion dollars globally that’s a lot
of chance that’s a lot of change and a
lot of chatter however um you can’t do
that but not playing the game you’ve got
to get in the game if you want to win
and in this video you’re about to learn
uh that so go ahead and hit that
subscribe button because we drop uh
information about the trucking industry
and how to win in the trucking business
um you got to take advantage you got to
take advantage of the opportunity that’s
out there so the first thing that most
people don’t do when they uh start a
trucking company and this really
determines your success or failure for
the most part you have a better chance
Business Plan : of succeeding if you have a solid
business plan right so step one is to
have a business plan
and most people skip over this and go
right out and start buying equipment
getting insurance and all that stuff but
a basic business plan will help you
secure financing and create a direction
for your company to flow it makes the
difference because it gives you
and it has nine key elements especially
when you start looking for funding and
financing to scale and grow your
business even faster
and here are the key elements to a
successful solid business plan it’s the
executive summary and it gives an
overview of your what your business is
about uh what you do who you are and
where you’re headed
and as you’ll see
uh in these different sections they’re
not hard to create because you’re really
technically doing that already by just
doing the research all you’re doing is
just writing it down and putting it on
paper so that you can give to other
people that are interested or might be
interested in investing in your business
because they want to make money too but
they want to see if your plan and if
you’re executing that plan and if it’s
actually profitable now the company
overview section gives gives more
detailed um descriptions regarding like
exactly what your business does and how
it’s structured the market analysis
um section of your business plan
provides an in-depth information
provides in-depth information about the
industry that you’re in your specific
market and the competition
organization and management section it
describes how your business will be
organized structure and the key roles
for instance you need a mark you need
somebody in sales more than likely a
recruit of somebody in recruiting safety
maybe account definitely accounting
paperwork uh accounts payable accounts
receivable uh as you move and grow up
and grow in your business products and
services if you’re planning on most
for us is going to be services right
obviously so we just talk about the type
of service that we provide to the
customers that’s refrigerated if you’re
on refrigerated produce dry van
um step deck flatbed what type of
service do you provide to the customer
and if you spec if you specify a more
specific then you can even get down to
the type of uh things that you want to
more more so transport then you got
marketing and sales that’s how you’re
going to get your information out to
your customers are you going to use the
phone are you going to use flyers are
you going to go door-to-door how are you
going to get customers is there’s
another part you’re going to use low
there’s a lot of different ways and
you’re just mapping out how you plan on
getting your services out there how you
plan on getting
customers the next thing is your
financial projections this gives a clear
picture of your current situation your
current financial situation and where
you’re also wanting to go within the uh
the financial aspect of your company
then the friendly request section that
tells the investor or potential
investors how much you’re looking to
acquire in order to get this done for
executing this plan right so and the
appendix just is
documents that support
the information that you’re already
creating so you’re gonna have pictures
maybe of the type of trailer the type of
truck um the flyers that you have so the
appendix just provides the uh ability
for them to see exactly what you’re
doing how you’re doing it and just just
backs up and substantiates uh what you
say your which all the other sections
that you’ve created in the business plan
so step number one you have to have a
solid business plan it helps your
business grow tremendously fast
especially when you need it because at a
certain point there’s only so much work
you can do so much so much you can do
and you’re gonna need an influx of cash
or influence of funding in order to grow
it even bigger and faster so that you
can hire the key people so you’re not
just stuck doing all of this stuff by
yourself next thing you’re going to need

Step 2: Incorporating Your Business

to is to incorporate now this goes part
this is a part of the business planning
you got to know how you want to
incorporate it um because it depends
depending on the structure and how you
want to build your business it’s going
to determine which structure works best
so there’s five basic structures there’s
obviously subsets of these five but the
sole proprietorship partnerships
corporations s corps and limited
liability companies aka llcs and
depending on which one um fits best for
your long-term plan you need probably
need to you would need to get some
advice about that maybe an accountant or
an attorney that let you know hey this
is the best structure or this the best
combo structure that you’ll need maybe
you you want to you know protect the
equipment by only owning a corporation
that protects the equipment and it
subleases it out to your llc and your
llc is the business aspect but your
company actually owns the equipment but
your uh your actual company the trucking
company is the llc and it pays the
drivers and it pays the corporation for
the leasing of that so that’s just one
example of how you can structure it and
talking to an attorney will get you
attorney or definitely an accountant
will let you know the best ways to get
to structure for tax purposes and also
for legal protective purposes as well
now after you decide which structure
works best you or your your accountant
or your attorney will will file for your
articles of incorporation
and once you get your articles of
incorporation um then you go to the website to go ahead and file for
your to apply for your ein or fein or
tax id number and those things will help
you um obviously set up your company and
and set up your accounts and all that
kind of stuff so those are important for
tax purposes but it should cost you
around a hundred dollars if you do it
yourself if you paying an attorney or an
accountant that’s going to be 500 plus
just keep that in mind when you’re going
to incorporate your business the next

Step 3: Filing For Your Permits :


thing you’re going to need is permits
right you’re going to have to get your
d.o.t authority you have to get your ucr
you’re going to have to get your drug
consortium your 2290 irp
uh ifta
blc3 and total cost for permits is gonna
be around twenty three hundred twenty
four hundred dollars uh depending on
depending on you know when you file and
and what you uh what you have to file
uh but generally speaking you can spend
about 23 2 400 for it but don’t worry if
you want more i have a checklist on six
figure trucking dot com that walks you
through all of this but just kind of
having that just to kind of have an idea
you’re going to spend about 2 400 on
this so next thing is you’re going to

Step 4: Purchasing Your Equipment


have to figure out what type of
equipment that you’re going to again
this is already done in the in the
planning phase but now we got to
purchase some equipment so have we
decided that we’re going to go with used
or new there’s pros and cons for both
the pros for newer truck is less
maintenance they consume less fuel
generally speaking you have a pretty
decent warranty especially if it’s brand
new up to like four hundred thousand
five hundred 000 miles and if you’re
planning on of course growing um you’re
going to have drivers that want more of
a newer truck they want to they’re going
to want newer trucks the cons is
for a new truck is it costs more to fix
you got higher truck notes higher down
higher insurance higher cap card and
higher taxes
on the other hand for a used truck you
got lower down payments you got lower
monthly payments warranty it’s typically
less to work on the parts cost a little
bit less than brand new trucks um and
your cab cart is a little bit cheaper
like i said it’s gonna be around
fourteen hundred to two thousand dollar
you’ll probably end up around that
fourteen to sixteen hundred dollar range
for for a uh for a truck that is a
little bit older maybe like three four
years older
it’s going to cost you more maintenance
though the other the other side of this
is it’s going to cost you more to
maintain it because you’re more likely
to break down because of the age and
because of the use of the of the
vehicles uh you’re typically given like
a 30-day warranty and you’re likely to
have more more breakdowns right more
issues with with trucks because you just
never know
and they typically burn a little bit
more fuel than newer trucks because
newer trucks are new of course but the
total cost can be anywhere from zero you
can find you if you got really good
credit if you got good credit you won’t
have to put anything down but your
payments will be higher right or you can
put something down you can go and buy it
outright you can buy trucks for fifty
thousand dollars you can buy a truck for
ten thousand i was a good truck i bought
a great trucks for under ten thousand
dollars right so it just depends on what
you know how you look and just kind of
what your game plan is for building your
trucking company but all of this can be
done with no problem again i have a
whole checklist on all of the stuff that
you need to do at six
but these are just the basics that
you’re going to need in order to start
your trucking company off the right way
in order to succeed in this business the

Step 5: Insurance


next thing you’re going to need is
right so you’re gonna need to shop
around and look for the right insurance
for your company now there’s plenty of
options when it comes to insurance and
you got to consider um additions to the
insurance as well like pac uh tow
packages and all this extra stuff that
you may need and you may not need you
just got to determine that for yourself
and um you know the different type
depending on what you want to haul
is what you’re going to have to also
take into consideration like if you’re
going to haul houses and materials your
insurance is going to be a lot higher
than someone who’s just hand
hauling general freight
so you got to take that into
consideration and different insurance
offer different things they specialize
in certain things there are certain
companies who will not offer let’s say
for refrigerator trailers pork right
they don’t they don’t cover pork or they
don’t cover shellfish or they don’t
cover all these little things that you
need to make sure of this why the
planning phase is so important because
it gives you the opportunity to know
what to ask for when you um when you’re
you know calling about insurance and
seeing which one works best for you
right but the basics you’re going to
for insurance is 750 000 just generally
speaking that’s auto liability 750 000
is the minimum basic requirement for
auto liability and their physical damage
and cargo 100 000
um and
i always say go 4 million because most
brokers most um most shippers are going
to want to see a million dollars in a
liability right some are going to want
to see more depending again on what you
the minimum i’ve seen typically is a
million dollars is what they typically
want to want to look for they will
typically look for an auto liability but
just shop around shop out of state as
well don’t just be confined to your
state because there are other states
that do cover your state like for
instance i live in georgia i got my
insurance through a company out of
indiana and it was a lot cheaper is
about four or five thousand dollars
cheaper per year going out of state so
don’t be afraid to look out of your
state and call around to other states
call around to other carriers outside of
your demographic to see if maybe they
have better plans better rates etc etc
etc uh the next thing is uh the down
payment for insurance can be anywhere
from 2000 to maybe if you want to pay it
off for a year for the year it could be
up to 20 000 25 000 i’ve seen it up to
60 000 if you go progressive so
again shop around because different
companies are going to offer you
different things that have different
different they’re going to have
different uh incentives for you to to
join with them and so definitely shop
around but i would say expect to pay
around three thousand dollars down
for the course of the year your
insurance payment should be anywhere
from 700 to
700 to maybe
1500 a month generally speaking that’s
what i would try to get it down to and
that’s comfortable for me next thing

Step 6: Business Management System(s)

you’re gonna need is a system for
managing your business right because
trucking is one of those industries that
has a lot of paperwork a lot of stuff
you got accounts payable accounts
receivable you got bills of laden you
you got logs you got all this stuff
that’s coming in constantly and that you
have to keep uh track of if you don’t
have a decent system in place then
you’ll find yourself getting overwhelmed
and you won’t end up doing all the
things that are necessary to keep your
business afloat that’s how many drivers
get messed up is they don’t know how to
keep their business in flow
because they have so much stuff to
manage so you need a software
to manage all of the stuff you got going
um you also need to set up as part of
your business management system is you
need to manage a separate business
account don’t use your personal account
fund your business and vice versa have
them as separate two completely
different things you pay yourself a
salary every week or every month or
however you want to pay yourself but
don’t use your business account like
it’s your personal account right and it
makes it a whole lot easier and it keeps
things separate and keeps you organized
you’re going to need forms you’re going
to need apps for yourself or for your
drivers if you’re hiring drivers and you
want them to scan things in or you want
to be able to pick up on a pickup on
where they are
you’re going to need different apps
you’re going to need a bookkeeping
system you’re going to need a filing
system to file all of your paperwork in
and keep it organized
again if you’re doing
if you’re doing accounts receivable
yourself which we’re about to talk about
then you’re going to definitely need a
system in place to track your payments
and when they can when they come in and
when they’re expected to come in
uh you need to be able to track uh
payroll and taxes right so if you’re
hiring drivers you have to pay them pay
where you have to pay payroll if you
have a company of drivers if you are
1099 them you still going to need a way
to keep track so that at the end of the
year you’ll be able to send them um
their forms and their information on how
they can file their taxes also you’re
going to need to have a system in place
for scheduled maintenance right because
your trucks are going to need scheduled
maintenance at least every every other
month or every 15 000 miles or you’re
gonna need to make sure that you have a
system in place for how often you get
your trucks serviced because that is the
key as well to knowing uh what you need
to replace what needs to happen at a
certain time in order to grow or either
to retire a vehicle and and time to
bring in another one
these are so important you can get
started with this typically most of this
stuff is going to be like a 30-day free
and then you pay you know a software
management system after that um they
have a lot of different things but the
bookkeeping aspect is what’s probably
going to cost you up front maybe 150 200
100 100 to 200 i would say for
bookkeeping right because you’re going
to want to have someone that you can
send the receipts off to and give you a
profit and loss statement your profit
and loss statement is so important
especially if you look for if you’re
looking for
um financing if you look for finances
they’re going to want to see a profit
and loss statement how is your profit
and loss for the last year how’s your
profit and loss for the last two years
three years four years and so keeping
track of that is going to be important
and a bookkeeper i found is the easiest
way to do that they can give it to you
uh quarterly they can give it to you
weekly they can give it to you monthly
however you want it done
um just finding a find one that can
actually handle that for you so you’re
gonna need a software a management
system you’re gonna need to be able to
manage your business in order for it to
grow properly next thing you’re going to

Step 7: How Will You Get Paid


need is you need to figure out how
you’re going to get paid how are you how
are you going to get paid are you going
to use factoring are you going to use
brokers are you going to go to a
are you going to in-house your accounts
payable and accounts receivable do you
want to use a bank to do that for you
because some banks do offer
uh factoring some banks will hold the
note for you until they get paid they
may even even actually charge you less
than most factoring companies they may
charge you only one percent because it’s
gary guaranteed money
um and so
you got to figure this out which way you
want to do it again i have a checklist
on six figure that you can
download that will keep you on track if
you are planning on starting your
trucking company in the in in the next
few months right if you’re planning on
starting in the next few months
definitely download that checklist but
either way you’re going to need a you’re
going to need to factor this into your
management system on how you’re planning
on getting paid because obviously you
need cash flow to succeed in trucking so
how are you going to get paid is
something that you have to consider and
that would be the next step after that

Step 8: Setting Up Your Truck

the next thing you want to do is set up
your truck you have the outside of your
truck which needs the decals the iftas
your logo
um and just markers that tell them that
you’re a legit company so you need your
numbers on the side of your of your
on the inside of your truck you’re going
to need your eld if you have a 2000 or
newer truck
uh you’re gonna need to have an eld uh
system in if your truck is 99 or older
you do not need an eld you’re going to
need an inspection on your truck and
trailer inside of your cab
um and usually like for me i always keep
like a book for you know we always if
you’ve been in trucking you know these
books every truck pretty much got these
books right but one thing i do i do
for myself and my drivers is i would put
the their license their driver’s license
their medical card inside of that book
so boom all they got to do is hand the
officer if they’re getting a dot
inspection just the whole book
everything is already inside of there
for myself
you know i did it for myself obviously
and for the drivers boom all they got to
do is just hand that to the dot officer
they got everything they need
uh you’re gonna also need triangles uh
or flares chains if you’re gonna run out
west a fire extinguisher loose logs
you’re gonna have look you gotta have
the logs um
safety regulations handbook and an
accident kit you got to have these basic
things inside of your truck and you got
to have a good driver you got to have a
good driver inside of your truck in
order to uh to scale your business and
you’re going to also obviously need a
dlt inspection and a trailer dot
inspection so again like these are
important things basic things that if
you’ve been in this industry you know
this stuff like the back of your hand
just don’t forget it because you you’re
gonna obviously need it inside of your

Step 9: Start Running Freight

truck uh next thing you’re gonna need is
to start running freight it’s that time
now every broker is not going to deal
with you
so you need to do this in the research
phase figure out which brokers are going
to deal with you in the early stage
which shippers might deal with you at
the earlier stage
and then you can start planning planning
the loads and planning the um planning
the areas that you can run into i have
another video about you know choosing
lows and finding hot loads um
that you can watch and check out
but this is the beginning of succeeding
and trucking right these are the basic
foundational principles for succeeding
and trucking and once you get your
footing in the trucking industry you can
start buying more trucks trailers and
hiring the people that you put in your
using the same process and just growing
your business just implementing the
things that you said you were going to
do that you planned out that you were
going to do and of course you know like
any plan they change so as they they
change you can make updates to your
business plan it’s not a set in stone
thing it’s designed to grow with you and
not to be something that just stays
there and you have to do it that way but
as more avenues open up or maybe you
realize something that you didn’t
realize before you can actually adjust
your plan just to show that you know
just to keep yourself on track and
anybody else that wants to become a part
of what you’re doing um it gives them
the opportunity to see that you are a
person who is who is actually focused on
building this and not just some running
the mail person that just bought a truck
so if you want to succeed you got to be
all in right now if you found this video
helpful definitely subscribe to the
channel we would love to have you would
love to hear from you so leave a comment
in the comment section definitely like
the video
and uh download the checklist on you can check that
out we have blogs we have information um
on there and what else you would like to
hear if you like to hear something or or
talk about hear me discuss something
definitely leave it in the comment
section i look forward to hearing from
you and i’ll catch you on the next video
this has been tk keith with
i’ll catch you in the next video peace

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