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How to Become a Travel Agency: A Step by Step Guide

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This article is part of our Guide to Starting a Travel Business: Travel Business Planning; a list of articles to help you get started and grow.


If you want to travel, plan your trip carefully and help others to have the best experience. Start your business as a travel agency.


Being a travel agency can be very expensive, with relatively few employees, low start-up costs, and avoidable altogether.


But with the advent of direct-to-consumer online travel booking sites, success depends on finding the right place in a competitive market. So, if you want to be successful, you must be marketing. You have to look at marketing and marketing. You need to know what your service (target market) is and how much you are willing to pay.


If this sounds good, read on. I interviewed the founders of many successful travel agencies who needed guidance on everything you need to get started, including links and resources to help you start your travel business.




Step 1 – Find your purpose

Make no mistake. Business planning is not a problem. If you are looking for a mortgage or investment fund for your business, you don’t need a proper business plan, but you do. Instead, write a simple business plan. You can do it in less than an hour. Don’t skip this step because writing a business plan is scientifically proven to help you grow.


What travel agency do you need? If you are considering becoming a home travel agency, you first need to find a home travel agency that is an independent contractor. If you want to open such a tourism business, the business planning process is very simple.


However, if you are thinking of starting your travel business from scratch, you will have to plan a lot; but will be more flexible when you start your own business.


This situation must begin immediately.

“We started our business planning and market analysis when we launched ADDISON Yacht in November 2013,” said owner Scott Best.


Meanwhile, we are in the Virgin Islands; Antigua. He has participated in industry fairs such as local boat shows in Florida and Monaco and has an in-depth knowledge of the products and services offered by Kader. These products and services are customers of these products and services.


Scott initially developed his business perspective by helping with the project process. “So we know what our market position is,” he said. Can it compete in today’s market? We will decide how to succeed,” he said.


Scott has a clear vision of how to organize his business to meet the needs of the places and markets he wants to go to.


What plan do you need?

The type of business plan you have depends on the type of funds you are looking for.


Are you done with a travel agency and are you interested in getting a loan or investment from Fairy Investor? You need a legitimate business plan that includes all the necessary information about your business. Are you more interested in using your savings to become a travel agency without foreign investment and loans? An easy business plan will be the best option for your business.


If you want to pitch your business idea to lenders and investors, you can start with a simple plan and build on the rest. Or you can visit LivePlan which simplifies the planning process and gives you options.


Whatever the reason for your tourism business, the most important thing is to write a business plan. The tourism industry is scattered and unique places and tables will be different. Writing a business plan will help you set goals and develop a clear, focused vision for the future.


We’ve covered all the options for writing business plans in Bplans, so get ready to get started by checking out the links below. We have many examples of itineraries to give you an idea of what your business plan should look like.


Resources to help you plan your business trip:

How to write a business plan?

Develop a sustainable business plan.

Learn more about LAN planning – less planning; hurry

Various business plans

World travel program

Travel Agency Plan Sample

Sample Luxury Travel Agency Business Plan Example

Travel Agency Plan Sample


Step 2: Do your market research and find the right market share for you.

What travel agency are you planning to open? Also, what kind of travel activities does your business or team need?


“When you start a travel business, the most important thing is to provide a service you can afford,” says Joe White, owner of Edison Adventure Travel.


This means doing market research to determine what the travel company or travel market really needs. Do you have a meeting point? A young couple who wanted to relax on the beach at the tourist market had the opportunity to invite me on their honeymoon. Think also about the people in your community – do they have special needs?


“In the luxury travel market, city dwellers need to be different from seasoned players,” said founder Khazar Ali. “The next piece of adventure and luxury is a great place for us to pack our bags.”


“Most travel bookings involve online contact with the company,” a spokesman for Heiger’s Erbin goods said. We focus on experiences that cannot be booked online: visiting unusual places; houses that cannot be booked online; Or see something that has never been. experience and personalities of professionals who actually traveled. It’s impossible to set up without them. association”


Have you filled the hole? Start by looking for a general tourism market. Who are your competitors? Find out who your best customers are and decide what they want.


Resources to help you understand the market and define your role:

Applied Market Research Resources for Traders

How do you conduct market research?

How to create a unique value proposition

How is the client (or clients) developing the business?

What is target marketing?


Step 3: Create a travel company brand.

Once you know that the market wants to take on any size and function, it’s important to create a strong brand image in order to understand it deeper.


The tourism industry is very competitive. Premium branding will help your business. Your customers will visit your site; How do you feel when you see ads or use services?


ballet Lauren; The founder and CEO of Flowers Holidays has a unique approach to his brand. “[Flores Holidays] Since 1998 we have specialized in Italian food, flying, painting, photography and language festivals,” he said. Lorraine’s dream was to create a brand that would “allow guests to truly experience Italy”.


“We used it as a brand because we wanted to focus on all Italians,” said Lorraine. Therefore, our goal is “emotional, dynamic, realistic”.


Why should customers use your service and not book a flight? Can you provide an experience that others cannot?


Do you offer special services to your customers, such as contacting locals at an address? Is it easy for others to plan your trip down to the smallest detail? Do you want a fully customizable business and customer service experience?


This is an example of when you define your travel branding strategy. Now that we know how to create a well-known brand for your business, check out the article below to learn more about branding.


Resources to help diversify the travel industry

The Complete Guide to Branding

Who are you? – 1st day of brand competition

Four reasons for a brand

Do you like customer loyalty? create your brand

Customize your brand – why is it important and how do we do it?

sports new year


Step 4: Get legal help.

Often tourism, it is very easy to start a business. There is no formal process to start a travel or tourism business such as making wine or opening a pharmacy.


Decide if you need a license.

In most cases, you do not need a special license or certification, but licensing requirements vary by state and country.


As a rule, a special license is not required to open a travel agency in the United States. But state laws are different. Are you from California? Washington, Hawaii, Iowa and Florida require a travel agency license. Canada has licensing requirements that vary by location, while the UK requires a pilot’s license.


Choose your business

In addition to the specific business licenses, you will need other general licenses.


Start by choosing your business. Scott Bist, owner of Addison Yacht Charters, which started out as a limited company, said his travel agency fits the needs of the business. “Before we thought about starting our own company, we came to the conclusion that the company we were about to buy was the right organization.”


Why LLC is the best choice? “We don’t want to protect investments in public funds or legitimate investments,” he said. “We also have a very simple organizational structure, so the simplicity of our management and processes improves our organizational structure.”


However, the business structure you choose depends on your business plan and how you plan to finance it. For example, if you are looking for foreign capital, you can open your own business.


Enter your company name and apply for a union registration number.

You will also need to register your public business name, including registering with a DBA or “run such a business” (even if you are a travel agency). You will also need to provide a Federal Taxpayer Identification Number, also known as a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN or FEIN). See the link as we covered those details.


According to Scott, the legal framework is simple.


“Determining the legal and licensing requirements is the easiest part of starting a business,” he explained. Pregnancy and Pregnancy Addison Yacht Charters had been pregnant for some time but gave birth to her baby after two days of difficult labour.


Judicial system; Sources to help identify company names and other legal entities:

Do I need permission from a travel agency?

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Business

The Complete Guide to Registering a Business

Resources and tools to help you promote your company’s name

How do I apply for a union tax registration number?

Where can I get a work permit?

Protect your company from legal problems


Step 5: Determine your financial strategy.

How are you planning a trip for your new business?


The good thing is that your starting price should be low – you don’t need to buy expensive stuff and you don’t need a lot of space to start. If you want to be a travel agency from home, you don’t even need office space.


But make sure you have a plan for how to fund it. At the very least, marketing the product will cost you money. Your site is available online or offline. Posters, business cards, etc.? Your initial budget will be for branding or advertising, and you end up deciding to rent an office and hire staff, which can be a huge expense.


Unlike most companies, the tourism industry does not have a specific way of financing. Everything is possible, from personal funds to investments.


Most travel agencies have equity because they have low start-up costs and are easy to manage (despite Excel’s strong competition). “I didn’t get more than the $2,000 or $2,000 my dad gave me,” said Free Lifeworks founder Birdie Headland.


A good first step is to look at debt and debt. ADDISON Sailor Charter Scott said: “At the start of our first deliveries, we put in place robust credit and support systems, banking and communications systems to ensure our customers are ready before they pay. Cash flow is very important to us. The company wants to be successful.


But even angel or venture capital is very controversial to fund your travel business. Founder Jeremy Clement said: “We started the project by creating LLC LLC and closed the first 300-300,000 stages in January 2015 to create an MVP (Minimum Standard Product).


Costa Rican resort owner Don Holbert has invested heavily in travel agencies. “Then the capital will be financed by an investment firm, which is one of our major shareholders,” he explained.


Resources to help you with your financial process:

How much money does your business bring in?

35 Best Practices for Starting a Small Business

Angel investment guide

What do investors want?

10 Ways to Find Venture Capital



Step 6: Choose a location and hire staff.

This again means that you have to pay for this service. This section is more appropriate if you are visiting a travel agency, need office space, and plan to work in a travel agency away from home.


How many workers need to be hired? If you don’t decide to expand your business, you won’t have to start all over again.


Employees can also be accommodated remotely, said Mike Leverton, CEO and founder of Loudon Holiday. “Most of our employees work from home as target specialists and we are located in Vancouver,” he said.


You also need to know where your business is located. Walking is not the main factor in choosing a business location; you need to choose a location that suits your placement needs and reflects your brand image.


However, your employees know that physical condition is always important. “We never ship books to out-of-town buyers,” Scott said.


“We work 24 hours a day and it doesn’t stop me from being in the office or, more importantly, when I’m not there,” he explained. ADDISON employees come from families with conflicts and important life events. . We are normalizing our business. Ready to work anytime, anywhere. I am from Europe. Caribbean I do business for my children in many states and sporting events.


“We choose virtuality, not a place of work,” he said. “The choice of this path depends on your specific site and brand. However, this is an option that you should definitely consider.


Resources to help you with your travel business and recruitment:

How to choose a workplace?

Tips for finding the right job 13

How do we hire our first employee?

13 ways to hire your first employees

The Complete Guide to Creating a Business Website


Step 7: Start your marketing and travel business.

As a travel agent, when you start a travel business, marketing is an important part of your business, so the majority of your initial budget will come from it. In fact, it’s best to start developing your marketing plan now.


According to Dan, the idea was to spend the money to consolidate the holiday’s marketing strategy in Costa Rica.


“One of the first lessons we learned when starting the company was that we realized that your Google AdWords budget would determine your success in launching this uniquely competitive marketplace.”


But don’t make the mistake that all your advertising efforts should be focused on paid advertising. Your focus should be on social media marketing and guerrilla marketing strategies.


Brady Headlund talks about his life before work: “I went to Thailand a year and a half ago and didn’t use my marketing skills to the fullest.” brochures for travel agencies.


“I didn’t have a cell phone for over a year,” he explained. I don’t know what I’m doing, but over time the business has grown exponentially. “Eight years later, there are 35 full-time employees in 18 countries.”


Every aspect of your marketing strategy, such as starting a travel business, depends on your personal location, and your target audience is highly dependent on the budget and bandwidth of the business. But paid advertising and other guerrilla tactics (online and offline) can help.


Resources to help you start a marketing and travel business:

How to write an effective marketing plan

Here are 20 marketing tools every small business owner should try.

Run Google Ads for Small Business

When is the best time to start?

Build Successful Content Marketing With These 16 Websites.

Help me! My business needs a marketing plan but I don’t know where to start.

Free Sample Business Plan


Tips and tricks for those starting a successful journey

“Due to the risks associated with travel, we were looking for a long-term insurance company that offers liability insurance. Being a product is difficult from an insurance standpoint, but it’s important to be part of the product…” – Brady Tanjung Life before work

I first contacted many people in Italy and tried to find staff that we would use on holiday. These include local chefs, including guides and drivers. Every small area helps create the best experience for my guests. – Lauren’s certificate; Party

It is important that your business partners share your costs. I am currently working with friends in South America. We are not in this business for money. “It would be great if we could enjoy our work and use our lives productively.” – PPN; hello and adventure

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