Healthy and Filling after School Snacks for Kids

by | August 18, 2020 | Health

At a growing age, kids need nutrients the most as it helps them grow mentally and physically. School going kids need more nutrients than others because of their growing age and school routine. Most kids do not understand what they should eat and what is good for their health, and that is why it is the responsibility of parents to focus on their kids’ health and mental fitness. Healthy after school snacks for kids are best to keep them energized and healthy.

Consuming healthy foods can give a boost to the health of your kids. At a young age, most kids have a fast metabolism, which means that whatever they eat will be converted to energy faster as compared to an adult. That is why our kids need to get well fed so that they can have better physical health. So, get healthy snacks for kids that they should love to eat.

Kids have tons of activities that they do daily. There is nothing that can stop your kid from being hyperactive unless you are not giving them enough food to stay active. Foods that are rich in nutrients like protein, calcium, and iron are vital and considered healthy snacks for kids and should be a part of their diet.

Healthy after School Snacks for Kids

Spending half of their day at the school and learning all the new things at school does make them tired and exhausted. Healthy snacks like chicken bone broth, almonds, cottage cheese, and many others can help boost their energy. The best thing to boost up their energy is by giving them a healthy snack right after they head out of school. The following are some of the healthy snacks that are great for your kids’ health.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese sandwich in light in taste and filled with tons of energy-boosting nutrients. It contains calcium, vitamin D, protein, iron, and tons of other healthy nutrients that are vital for your kids’ health. Give your kids a slice of cottage cheese after their school is the best thing that they can eat. There are tons of other foods that they can eat after school, but you should start with cottage cheese.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another protein-rich food that is great in taste and nutrients. If your kids don’t like the taste of peanut butter, then you can add a touch of raspberry jam with it, or you can also add jelly to make it more delicious. You shouldn’t be worried about your kids’ sugar intake because they will burn all those extra calories, as I said before that the metabolism of kids is faster than adults.


Yogurt is also a good option for your kids to eat. It is rich in several nutrients that can boost the digestive health of your kids. There is a chance that your kid might have eaten something unhealthy at the school. That is why you need to feed them foods that can prevent inflammation in their body. Yogurt is rich in probiotics that can boost digestive health and can boost the immune system as well.


Almonds are rich in healthy fats that can help to improve the brain health of your kids. Such foods are good as snacks, and they won’t even make your kids fat and unhealthy. You can mix almonds with other healthy snack items like yogurt, oatmeal, or some fruit. It will allow your kids to eat them with ease. Some stubborn kids are addicted to junk food, and they won’t eat such foods. So, if you do have a kid like that, then try to mix these things with something delicious.


A bowl of oatmeal after school can be the best option for your kids. Oatmeal is full of energy and nutrients that can boost your kids’ muscle growth. Most athletes consume oatmeal in their diet, and this helps them a lot to improve their muscular health. As you kids need proper growth, consuming oatmeal at an early age is beneficial for their health. It can be a great snack for kids.


Another fun thing that they can drink is fruit smoothies. You can give them a banana or mango smoothie. You can ask your kid what fruit they like and make them a smoothie out of it, and it can be a perfect snack for kids. It will program your kid to consume healthy foods and drinks. They must consume such foods at an early age so that it can become a part of their daily life.

Boiled Eggs

Eggs are great for your kids’ overall health. As they are young, you should feed them with boiled eggs. Avoid giving them fried eggs as it can increase inflammation in their body and as they head out of school empty stomach. Eating fried things is not suitable at that time. So try to give them boiled eggs because they are a protein-rich snack, which is good for the school going kids.


When your kids go out, then there is a chance that they will ignore eating anything at first. So, what you should do is give them a slice of their favorite food. Don’t skip their meal as they are already exhausted and lack energy. Skipping your kids’ meal is not a good option, and most parents make this mistake. Try not to repeat the mistakes of others and feed your kids healthy foods whenever it is possible. Fruits are the best source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Bottom Line

So, this is the list of most healthy foods that should be a part of your kid’s diet. Not just after they head out of school, but it should be a part of their daily diet. Giving them the same snack every other day can make your kids annoyed, and they will start to find excuses to eat that snack. Try to mix things up and add the above foods with other things and come up with something new now and then, so that your kids don’t get bored with the same snack every day. There are tons of other snacks for kids that you can give to your kids, but the ones that are mentioned above are filled with healthy nutrients and can boost the energy levels of your kids.

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