Benefits of having Buffer for Social Media Marketing

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The best explanation of the Buffer tool is a combination of publisher and analyzer of social media marketing. It consists of software that works perfectly to build your business and to retain it through managing all social media objects. The buffer tool is also famous for organizing content according to SEO ranking and sharing content through various social media networking. It is also known as social media marketing tool. So, it’s beneficial to own a tool like this for article writing and blogging also.

The very first question which comes to the mind regarding the buffer tool is, what are the features of the Buffer tool that makes it beneficial?

The buffer can be described as a multi-functional tool to manage social media platforms in one place. It deals with all the social media networking data to manage it, analyze it, and publish it. That also comforts you in handling all the posts sharing. The management tool has a list of seven important features to describe briefly in a glance.

Seven Features of Buffer that make everyone love it.

1. Collaboration with multiple social media

The Buffer tool comprises of all the social media networks. It strives to manage content sharing and posting of almost all the available platforms. It may combine with the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Proves beneficial for Instagram as well

It has started working for Instagram that successfully increase the engagement to the network. It’s a buffer’s new feature to schedule Instagram posts and share them consistently to keep the audience busy. And it has received a great response to increasing Instagram followers through Buffer. It is beneficial in two ways; raises the rate of followers and saves time.

It works with the entire platform to engaging people into content and run the business successfully. It shares the posts according to the set-up of date and time. It is used for scheduling stored content and then to post it via different platforms to increase the traffic and to prove beneficial.

2. Buffer’s Aim to deal with Twitter

The history of buffer displays was designed to deal with Twitter. To share the post consistently and schedule them to post at different times. It aimed to own given strategies that are still applicable in a better and advanced way. Let’s find out the phenomenon of Buffer assisting these strategies.

  • The tool stores all the content in its storage. And establish scoring content to share.
  • Organizes all the posts into a schedule according to the given time and instructions and then post properly.
  • Share posts at specific dates and times assigned to the Buffer.
  • Retweeting is another feature that increases the traffic to the site. Recreate your earlier posted tweets and then retweet that posts to know about the response of people. It fills up your Buffer account with tweets of yours that makes it more interesting to visit time and again.
  • The handling of Retweeting is quite simple. It just works with the Buffer extension browser. Just click on the Buffer button, It will schedule all posts for retweeting.
  • Works for more than one account at the same time and handles all the accounts without interrupting.                   

3. Data Manager and custom schedule

The buffer tool is a predictable organizer that manages all the content. And make sure it’s sharing according to set up time and date. It is also famous for customizing data. It can works with the data of up to 6 social networks at a time. 

  • At times you can fill the Buffer browser with a bundle of posts. It manages all the posts to share. Sometimes you have to arrange posts yourself.
  • There’s no need to add all the posts separately. You have to put all the content into the queue to share. And leave the rest of the procedure of scheduling up to Buffer tool.
  • Publish the best-ranking content to increase the follow-up. And post it to all networks at the same time.

In this way, the tool helps to generate mistake-free and acknowledged content and proves beneficial.

4. Analytics

Buffer tool critically evaluates data and arrange it according to the SEO requirements is its concern. It analyzes the content and decides when to share it and where to post it to increase traffic.  Analysis basis on:

  • Buffer tool analyzes the impact of all the posts to the audience.
  • It calculates the responses of the audience regarding all the shared data.
  • It separately counts the impact of posts for all the networks.
  • Evaluates which title cast the people more efficiently. Compare the reactions in which title people are most interested.
  • The Buffer tool has updated Analytics. Now it can also track the responses instead of providing information about the clicks, liking, and retweeting.
  • The updated version of Analytics had made it reachable to compare the responses of posts with one another. It’s applicable for all the social networks as; Facebook and Twitter.

The management tool ensures to share quality and analyzed posts and data so that it may benefit the site or blog.

5. Posting of Images, Visuals and quotes

The appearance of any content also matters. The very first thing that attracts the reader to click on and to drag till town is the outer look of the post. Although the importance of written content is more than the appearance, it affects in some way. Buffer tool is also beneficial in posting images and quotes. It’s an effort to give diversity in sharing posts. Let’s find out the facts of adding images and quotes through the Buffer tool.

  • Images post create interest of the visitor to the site.
  • Any quotations added to the content also enhance the impact of the post. It gives intensity to the data.
  • It provides variation in the writing and source of increasing clicks on the site.
  • It is a source of sharing GIFs and videos to develop the interest of visitors.

So, the addition of any quote and image is beneficial for the posts. How does the Buffer tool be profitable for image and quote posting?

To add any photo or quote in the text, click on the Buffer button at any search extension. Add quotation with the link altogether in the Buffer page to share.

To share your photos on different networks is also very simple. Open the image you want to share with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and right-click on the image and press buffer the image. Buffer will share it with all your selected networks.

6. Integration with most interesting apps

Buffer performs even well if combined with other apps. Many social media marketing tools work along Buffer and result in an increasing number of visitors.

The Buffer tool works with different apps, web extensions, and others to benefit the user. It gives rise to performance when two apps work together. The Buffer tool usually integrated with the following apps.


Social media provides sources to find out the best content. The Feedly also works in this regard. Buffer and Feedly combo is the best source to discover the acknowledged content. Feedly is also beneficial to use as RSS feed to find interesting data for social networks.

Buffer works with Feedly and boosts its features. The content saved into Buffer through Feedly can easily be shared through Buffer.


Pocket is an app that works to save your liked pages. As you are reading any content and you are interested in it. There’s no need to go for a long way. Just click on the Pocket extension at your browser and let it save your desired content.

The Buffer tool works later with the saved content to schedule and publish it.


Echofon is another helpful app for working with the Buffer tool. It makes it easy to share the content at different times and updating information on social media through the Buffer tool.

There are also other apps as; Zapier and IFTTT. They work on the same strategies and known for social media marketing. In this regard, the Buffer tool proves very beneficial for searching content and working with other apps to be more powerful.

7. Audience Insight

The Buffer tool provides an insight of the audience and knows how to deal with the requirements of the target reader. Buffer has been using for many years to calculate the audience’s impact on the post. It also works as an analyzer to evaluate the responses of people. How does Buffer work regarding audience response? Let’s find out in given steps:

  • It calculates the response of the audience through different social media platforms.
  • Detects which kind of data and posts are mostly liked by the audience.
  • Note down the hours of the rush- In which hours people mostly visit social networks.
  • Customize data according to the demand of the audience. And always search out quality content to share.
  • Provide a comparison of the earlier shared posts and recently shared the post. Thus, it’s easy to achieve a high ranking content.

Buffer becomes valuable in detecting the audience’s insight. As audience and reader are the persons that acknowledge your work so, it is highly concerned matter to know the response of the audience and share it according to their choice.

Is buffer a free tool or a paid tool?

Buffer as a free tool:

Buffer works freely for a limited time. The features are also limited to the free version of the buffer tool. It’s very beneficial to have a free version of the practice of adopting the tool and grasping its features.

Let’s have a look at the specifications of the buffer tool free version.

  • Buffer can connected to three social networks at the same time in the free version.
  • Facilitate with the options of Adding, sharing, and scheduling your posts and content through buffer tool.
  • Analysis of 30-day history backs up of sent data.
  • It’s for one user and costs 0$ per month.

Buffer as a paid tool

Buffer offers three types of paid plans.

  1. Pro paid plan
  2. Premium paid plan
  3. Business paid plan

Pro plan:

The pro plan offers a 7-day free trial and costs 15 $ per month. It can deal with 8 social media accounts and 100 scheduled posts on time and for a single user. It provides a good start.

Premium plan:

The premium plan offers a 14-day trial and costs 65$ per month. It can deal with 8 accounts and 2000 posts at a time and for 2 users.

Business plan:

The business plan costs 99$ per month and offers a 14day trial. It can handle 25 social media accounts and 2000 posts. 6 users can use it at the same time.

The entire plans offer earlier described features and specifications. Such as searching content, scheduling content, adding in the queue, and publishing posts.

Pros and cons of Buffer tool for Social Media Management


  • Buffer is easily accessible through its extension at search engines. It can operate by a single click.
  • It offers a free version with specific features.
  • It works to collect the best content through different apps.
  • Integrate with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (through another app) to engage the people with sharing posts.
  • Scheduling of the posts in a streamline and shares content consistently.
  • Analyze the audience’s response and arrange the data accordingly.
  • It has the ability to retweet earlier running posts to increase the traffic.
  • Buffer is available for web and mobile phone as well.


  • It is costly when used for business purposes.
  • It doesn’t provide monitoring tools for searches, hashtags, and mentions.
  • It lacks customer support via phone, email, and live chat.


To sum up, it is right to say that owning a buffer tool is highly beneficial for the bloggers to manage content. It comprises all the features that make it easier to upload any content, image or video. The buffer tool works as a manager, organizer, and a scheduler at the same time. And it deals with the features of collecting content, add into a queue, post on time, and rearrange the data to keep the audience engaging. At the same time works as an analyzer to provide the best content. Hence, Buffer is proved beneficial in social marketing management and profitable for the business.

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