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January 23, 2020 

What is Art Therapy and How it helps Release Stress

Art is an expression of the author’s emotions, imaginations, and experiences. It involves diverse mediums like painting, sculpture, music, dance, and film. The people who are linked to art medium in any way describe art as a flow of their thinking that soothes them from mental strains and stress. In this way, art functions as a therapy to release stress and be healthy.

What is Art Therapy anyway?

Art therapy is a remedy to examine the psychological and emotional behaviors of people who are suffering from any dilemma, either mental or substantial. It’s a self-exertion through various creative mediums like painting, drawing, collage, and sculpting to understand the inner feelings and emotions of a suffering person. In other words, art therapy is defined as,

“A form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modeling, used as a remedial or diagnostic activity”.

How does Art Therapy Work?

It depends on the counseling sessions between the client and the therapist. The therapist convinces the suffered person to draw a painting or a drawing for the expression of its inner thoughts. The art which is created by a depressed person is not an expression of his creativity, but it’s an exposure of his inner feeling from the unconscious mind.

The experts better understand the meaning of the clients’ drawings and paintings to interpret their created lines and colors. The colors and patterns of lines exhibit their mental disturbance that later helps to resolve the issue. It acts as a decoding system to resolve the matter through art therapy.

The art therapy deals with the following disorders to heel the suffered persons from:

  • Anxiety
  • Mental Stress.
  • Psychological disorders.
  • Depression
  • To raise self-esteem.
  • Survival against addiction.
  • Resolve personal relations
  • Physical illness.

How Art Therapy Helps to Release Stress?

Stress has become the center of attraction in this age. It’s the most spreading dilemma of time in which enormous people are going through. Stress adversely affects mentally as well as physically like anxiety, depression, addiction, and many more all are inventions of stress. Psychologists and natural sciences are trying to find out remedies to deal with stress and to save the world from its disasters.

Art therapy is proved favorable in releasing stress through artistic media like art, sculpting, painting, writing, music, and dance. Its outcome is quite beneficial to deal with the stress and get tension-free. Adopting any medium of art gives expression to your inner voice and suppressed feelings.

Sometimes it happens that you might be getting through a serious financial crisis or unhappy relationship with your partner or any other, that you are unable to describe your pain and give words to your feelings. It helps you to get rid of your stress and awful emotions.

Four Mediums of Art Therapy to Release Stress:

Although the range of art is very vast and it encompasses a procedure of counseling sessions to resolve the troublesome issues which may be held individually or in groups. Let’s check out how the basic mediums of art assist in the relief of stress and staying fit.

Drawing as art therapy

Drawing has considered as a source of interest and fun for children, but it has another impact on the life of adults. It is one of the artistic sources that help release stress. During art therapy sessions are held either in groups or individually to draw your thoughts, emotions, and painful feelings.

There is no need for perfection or creativity to make a drawing, you have to draw, and whatever you are feeling and thinking. It could be irregular lines, random pictures, and the scenario from your unconscious mind. In this way, you can transfer your hurting despair onto the paper to calm yourself and release your stress.


Painting is another remarkable way to get rid of stress and stress-related problems like anxiety, depression, and psychological disorders. The research has shown that keeping your mind busy in drawing and painting to forget about the worries and release stress is quite significant.

Making the painting of any cheerful object like a flower, a natural scene, and a person’s face makes you happy and releases the serotonin that helps to raise the level of pleasure and empowers you to overcome the negative thoughts. It also boosts the gratitude feeling that leads you towards a peaceful state.


It is quite important to find out the manners to release daily stress that may be in the form of your favorite hobby to spare a little time from your hectic routine. Art and craft are getting popular among art therapy these days as a stress releaser.

It makes you relaxed to create a model with a scratch that turns your mind to forget about apprehensions, and you can exert your depression with creative activities adopting this healing therapy.


Coloring is not just a childish instrument to have fun and enjoyment. There are also coloring books for adults to beat depression and anxiety. It’s also a part of art therapy to color randomly in a way you want. Using different colors alleviate depression and release stress.

Coloring is also a part of healing therapy to use colors to express your distressing feelings and become tense free and enjoy your life peacefully.

Advantages of Art Therapy

Art therapy is the healing remedy for this modern age to release stress and overcome mental and physical disorders to be healthy and enjoy life with all its colors. It has proved favorable as cathartic and creative at the same time to become depression-free.

The Catharsis of Emotions

Art therapy provides you a way to express your hurt feelings with various mediums of art. It is a catharsis of your emotions to overcome the distress situations and release the stress that is quite essential for a calm life.

Expression of Depression

The paramount stress releaser is the expression of your depression in a form that you want, either through painting or writing. Give your hopelessness a new light with a throwaway to your awful emotions.

Stress Relief

During the art therapy sessions, the surveys suggest that the suffered persons appreciate it as a stress reliever. They feel light and peaceful after the sessions. The art is like a crux of your desperation that releases your stress and moves you towards a life full of zeal.

Overcome Addiction

The continuous stress turns your immune system weaker and you become addicted to various drugs. You didn’t have enough power to resist the harmful things that further adverse your health. Through art therapy sessions, you become strong enough to defend against the addiction and to move with a new resolution.

Be Yourself

It makes you more confident if you are a healthy and stress-free person. If you are passing through any depressing circumstances so that will turn you dull and unhealthy. On the other hand, get rid of dejection and be yourself that will raise your self-esteem and release your stress.


Continuous stress causes health destruction, disturbed stomach, serious diseases, psychological disorders, forgetfulness, and many more. So, it’s a matter of concern to release the stress through a therapeutic medium like art therapy. If you ever feel so depressed and stressed all the time, consult the therapist for your concern to enjoy life with all its colors and resolve the issues of stress.

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