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5 tips that you must know before learning successful blogging.

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December 2, 2019

Blogging consists of many features that collectively make it successful. A blog is a source of sharing knowledge in a direct conversational manner that allows retaining their followers. Successful Blogging comprises an acknowledged base writing content that engages the reader thoroughly from start to end. An online journal can get the desired results only by following the proper and well-planned strategy.

Successful Blogging can be proved profitable and a source of earning if completed nicely. That makes your recognition in business and retains your place. Many bloggers got fame as experts in their particular field of sharing thoughts and get rewarded.

There is a long list of tips in a way to learn successful Blogging. Let’s check out the five tips that are considered essential to follow the pattern of creating an accomplished blog.

Contents of 5 Tips to learn Successful Blogging

  1. Use WordPress for the blog.
  2. Always use the notable title for the blog post.
  3. Make the best out of Content.
  4. Use analytic tools to understand your audience and their needs.
  5. Use every platform to promote your blog and content.

TIP # 1

Use WordPress for the blog

The most important advice for the success of blogging is to understand WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most acknowledged platform for blogging. It comprises all the features required for the completion of a blog. The steps involved in the completion of a blog are:

  • The purpose behind writing a blog.
  • Name selection of a blog. (It should be expressive)
  • The domain name through secure Web host. (Such as .com, .net, .org)
  • Designing the Blog.
  • Writing and publication of content.
  • Blog advertisement.

Why do people love WordPress

WordPress is well known as the best platform for websites and blogs. That comprises all the features required for a blog altogether. WordPress provides the services that are as follows:

  • Creates a free website.
  • Builds a free blog.
  • Access to a wide range of themes.
  • Advanced design customization.
  • Provides 3 GB of storage space.
  • Community support.

Specifications that are concerned about Successful Blogging are:

  • WordPress has built-in SEO and social media integration that increases readers and traffic to the site.
  • It provides a domain name, web page designing, automatic software update all in one hosting.
  • Designing sites through modern features and all premium blogs include custom CSS.
  • Engineers are available 24/7 for any help through live chat, email, support pages, videos, and forums to answer any questions you have.

In this way, it is important to learn WordPress that compile all the features to make blogging successful. And successful blogging leads the way to increase profit.

Web hosting for WordPress Installation

There are many web hosting companies that provide WordPress as the most common blogging platform. The most popular with their ratings are:

Hosting Company Our Tested Rating 9.2 8.5 8.1 7.5 7.0


All the companies are connected to WordPress and provide WordPress installation to make the process easy, and they only charge for hosting.

Always choose a Web host that is beneficial and facilitates the user in many ways. One should keep in mind all the specifications while considering web hosting through any company. Consider pricing, security features, reliability, hosting plan, and online store facility.

TIP # 2

Always use the notable title for the blog post

The second tip is about Blog title that is also very important. You should always choose an impressive title that instantly grabs the attention of the reader. It has to be expressive so that the whole story is explained by reading the headline.

The title is something that compels you to know the whole story behind it. It plays a significant role in the success of a post. The first thing which convinces the reader to click on a blog is the title.

Title Generating Tools

Many tools help to generate impressive titles that include:

All the tools proved very helpful in creating unique titles. That becomes the source to increase web traffic and profit as well.

Things to remember about Title:

The title should explain the whole story about the topic. Select a highly researched topic that made it according to the demand of people and increases profit with the increase of clicks.

Follow all the mentioned points to make a successful blogging title.

  • The title should be self-explanatory that answer all the questions about the topic.
  • Be concise to the main topic and highlight the importance of the subject matter.
  • Choose unique titles and enter the whole phrase for better results in SEO ranking.
  • Use of selected keywords in the title makes it efficient.
  • Adopt the strategies of using viral headlines in the title. The viral headlines include list posts, how-to-post, resource posts, etc.
  • Do not overstuff the title with keywords that Google may select to rewrite your title.

All the instructions make it possible to create the titles for successful blogging.

TIP # 3

Make the best out of Content

Another tip to create content for successful blogging is highly concerned. The content is something that consists of text, images, and videos. The main feature of successful blogging is the writing of the content which must be passionate and unique. The introduction of content should be engaging that keep the reader busy and force them to read thoroughly. The blog is a source to transfer knowledge through writing so it should be unique and compelling. There is a list of five features that matter for creating successful blogging content.

Headings and subheadings:

Create headings and subheadings of the content to make it appealing. That keeps the reader engaged throughout and doesn’t let them get bored.

Addition of visual content:

Adding visual content such as infographics, images, videos, and slide make the blog post more attractive and entice people to have a look at the blog. Because 65% of people are visual learners.

Quality and quantity:

Do not compromise on the quality and quantity of the content. Be consistent and stay relevant to the audience. And share less but ensure quality to attract the consumer. Quantity can be less or more but the quality can never be compromised.

Internal linking:

Adding a few links to the blog beautifies it and enhances its quality. So, always create an internal link to your earlier content.

Grammar check and proofreading:

Last but not least, grammar and spell check cannot be negligible. If the content is not written in a streamline and has lapses of misspell it will distract the reader.

The Miracle of the content tool:

The tool that helps analyze the content is BuzzSumo. This tool can recognize the content among the most influential content writers through social media. So, it’s quite easy to get the topic of people’s interest with the tool Buzzsumo.

TIP # 4

Use analytic tools to understand your audience and their needs

Another significant feature for successful blogging is to understand the audience. It is considered that mere title and content generate successful blogging but it’s not true. To know the audience is also beneficial.

The readers are the audience of any written content. Thus everything regarding blogging should be according to the interest of the reader. The most relevant requirements to understand the audience are discussed briefly.

Create an image of the audience for successful blogging:

Creating an imaginary reader into your mind is the first step to understanding the audience. Think about all the perspectives related to a reader. And create the content to meet all the aspirations and expectations from your blog.

Know the interest of the audience for successful blogging:

Understand through different platforms what the interest goal of people is. Keep in mind while writing that you are writing for the different people having various perspectives. Always choose a topic that could create a high ranking at SEO.

Keep an eye on blog performance:

To check out the response of the reader about any blog always keep an eye on blog performance. That informs you about the results and likes and dislikes of people. The performance matric also becomes a guide for you to write your next blog. That which thing should adopt what is to avoid.

Feedback of people for successful blogging:

Always respect the comments of people that exhibit the opinions and feelings of your readers. That is the most valued way to understand the audience.

Use of keywords for successful blogging:

Focus on selecting keywords that the audience mostly uses. Short tail keywords are most likely to use for research rather than long-tail keywords.

The advantage of the Analytic tool for successful blogging:

Google Analytics is a free tool that gives a better understanding of the audience and provides deeper insight of the readers. Analytics is designed to work with Google advertising and publisher so that you reach the right audience.

Each segment of the reader has different interests, priorities, and assumptions. It is not easy to understand all of them together. So, do proper research, and try to use well-chosen keywords that your audience mostly uses. All these strategies will make blogging successful.

TIP # 5

Use every platform to promote your blog and content

Successful blogging consists of strategies for publishing and promoting a blog. According to a report most bloggers published on daily basis in 2015 compared to 2014. The majority are still publishing less than daily, but more often than monthly.

There is no hard and fast role to publish a blog. You can publish it according to your selected schedule. But do not stick to the schedule. Consistency is not important than quality. The quality of content is more worthy than the quantity.

How to promote a blog? What are the factors that help promote a blog and make blogging successful?

Introducing three platforms to promote a blog

To promote a blog, a list of three platforms with their description is as follows:

Know the interest of the audience for successful blogging:

Understand through different platforms what the interest goal of people is. Keep in mind while writing that you are writing for the different people having various perspectives. Always choose a topic that could create high ranking at SEO.

1- Email advertising for successful blogging:

Email is a worldwide source of marketing. In this sense, it’s the largest media of communication and promotion. Many people use email as a platform of connection. The number of worldwide email users is approximately to reach 2.9 billion by the end of 2019. The features involved in email marketing are enlisted below.

  • Email your list of contacts and ask them to share your blog or content is a major cause to increase the traffic.
  • Provide a link beside your email signature that may entice people to click on it. That’s a simple way to promote a blog.
  • Ask your friends to email their list and help you out in promoting a blog.
  • Start making new relationships through different social media and that may aid you in a promotion.

2- Social Media advertising  for successful blogging:

There is another excellent source of promoting a blog; that is Social media. The range of social media is very vast so, always consider a network of your interest. Try to get engaged people into your content that may help you to earn profit and make your blog successful. The strategies of promoting the blog through social media are:

  • Social media is a two-way connection, so keep people engaged in sharing and liking their content also.
  • Popular bookmarking sites allow their readers to share their content, images, and videos. Other users can use this content in their posts that will reciprocally increase the number of web visitors.
  • Ask your friends to email their list and help you out in promoting a blog.
  • Make sure your presence in social groups and forums. That will raise the level of your relationships and will enhance the graph of your blog promotion.

3- Paid advertising for successful blogging:

The earlier strategies are free of cast. Now let’s have a look at paid marketing. It will cost you to use the tactics for the promotion of a blog. There are three most common platforms for paid marketing.

Social media paid marketing:

If non-paid marketing does not work then consider pain social media marketing. It is believed that the ratio of advertising through social media will reach $31 Million by 2019. Everything you share for the promotion will cost you.

Paid content providers:

There are platforms and many hacks that provide content and help to create unique content. They charge you to acquire their services.

Paid search advertising for :

Paid advertisements on the search engine also play an efficient role to promote a blog.

So, always consider the best platform and share the best content to get a high ranking. And keep in mind your budget for your ease. All these factors are beneficial for the promotion of a blog and composing a successful blogging environment.

Be consistent to share your posts and regular visits will make it profitable.

Benefits of Content marketing tool:

Tools are considered essential to accomplish any content either blog or article. Quuu Promote is known as a content marketing tool that aids in promoting a blog. IT is free on a trial basis but you have to pay later for further functioning. This tool works itself to share content on social media and optimize promotions to increase clicks.


On the whole, the tip is something that guides someone to the way of success. There’s a lot more in this regard. But only five main points are suggested to focus on. All the guidance is provided in detail to educate about the blog. Implement all the elements and get the best out of everything for your blog. By following all the instructions you can make your blogging experience more successful and you can even make money online with it.

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