13 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

by | December 26, 2019 | Blogging, Tips

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a way of uncovering your thoughts, knowledge, and personal experience online. It’s like a discussion in conversational and direct tone to deliver for the audience’s ease. To be more specific, blogging is a regular maintaining and publishing creative content in the form of a blog that has conducted through a team of members or a single person.

Blogging Becoming a Source of Income

The passage of time has given rise to the importance of blogging. It has become the center of attraction for many entrepreneurs for money-making purposes. No doubt, blogging is proved beneficial for earning other than your daily job. So, it has become the source of interest for many people to make money online through blogging.

It seems quite easy to run a blog without any pain. But every passage involves many hurdles to reach at the destination. And due to not having experience, it’s also common to make mistakes at the start of any business. But that’s not a matter of any guilt. As being a newbie to this field, I have also made many mistakes. The passage of time and learning experience has polished everything.

13 Mistakes that Most Beginner Blogger Make

I have created a guideline for the new bloggers and pointed out the common mistakes to avoid the same errors to run your blog successfully.

Mistake # 1

Blogging without Objectives

The beginner bloggers frequently make this mistake to blog without having proper objective. They didn’t have any idea about what to write and which topic should be selected. Thus, he writes irregularly without having a clear blogging perspective.

How to fix it? You must set your goal and perspective while starting a blog. If you have targets to achieve like an estimate earning in the next months, which will motivate you to get your goal of success.

Mistake # 2

Selecting the topic of Personal Interest

Every new blogger commonly makes this mistake. It’s quite familiar that newbie bloggers choose topics of their interest to write, considering it will also appeal to other readers. But such content fails to generate traffic and the audience’s positive response.

Quick Fix: Select the topic based on SEO high ranked keywords that have searched frequently and go for universal themes instead of confined to your intimate perspective. That’s the elementary way to generate the traffic of your blog and increase the liking of the audience that collectively turns your blogging successful.

Mistake # 3

Inconsistency in Posting Blogs

I have repeatedly discussed the importance of consistency in blogging. The beginners also follow this pattern to posting content irregularly that turns them away from the accomplishment. Mostly new bloggers share posts according to their ease and schedule that is not beneficial.

How to fix it? Firmness to your work and goals leads you towards success and leaves others behind to follow you. So, regularity in sharing your posts is the factor of the main concern on your way to manage your blog.

Mistake # 4

Not writing in Organized Manner

Everything you write, it should be free of errors. Another common mistake is to write without proper organization. Some bloggers write in a college life latter form, others write in a straight paper form without converting into paragraphs and adding headings.

Fixation of Error: A well-organized written content is more appealing to the readers. It catches more audience to the blog and generates traffic. The addition of paragraphs, headings, and subheadings beautifies the content. On the other hand, it enhances the impact of blogging upon the readers and audience.

Mistake # 5

Lack of Images and Format

Another error that bloggers follow is the lack of images and proper format in the content. Most beginners don’t know which is the exact pattern of a blog? And how it should be more appealing? So, the beginner bloggers usually write in a general form without adding images in creating social media content, banners, articles, etc. Although it takes some extra time to search out and fix related photos but it looks good.

Quick Fix: With a few amendments, you can overcome this error that makes the content more engaging. You can add images according to your subject to make it convincing- adding visual effect. Many platforms offer free and paid images and templates to use according to your demand such as Pixabay, Unsplash, Stocksnap, and much more.

Mistake # 6

Making No Use of Blogging Tools

There are a large number of tools that guide in writing any content. It is quite effective to write through such helping tools to make the writing more convincing. It’s also important to analyze your data and calculate the response of the audience for its betterment.

In this regard, Google Analytics is a source that provides authentic data analysis. Grammarly also works well to compose the content grammatical errors free. The title generating tools generate the most researched keywords that are also beneficial. Social Media Monitoring Tools helps you keep track and manage your blog posts on different social media platforms.

Most bogging starters usually repeat this mistake without knowing about the helping tools. Using all the helping tools makes it convenient to grow your blog and analyze its performance.

Mistake # 7

Deviation from the Topic

It has observed commonly that beginner bloggers usually deviate from their main subject. To cover the whole theme, they elaborate to such extent that it seems the content is about more than one object. That also made it difficult for the reader to find out their concerned idea. It results in a lack of interest that compels the audience to leave the page. So, the blogger must focus their main writing theme and should repeatedly discuss it for the reader’s convenience.

Mistake # 8

Infusing your Personality Excessively

It is an encouraging factor to infuse your personality into your writings. There are several examples in which readers are more attracted to the content which has personal experience incidences than the content without your struggle and practice. But too much talking about you causes a negative impact on the readers. It might make him bore and entice him to quit reading and find out another source of his requirement. So, avoid infusing your personality excessively to sustain from beginners’ mistakes.

Mistake # 9

Do not use Data for Backup

There’s another considerable mistake that most beginner bloggers commit. You didn’t count the response and suggestions of the audience regarding their content. You are just conscious about calculating the visitor’s number to your wall in spite of your content impact on the reader.

It is quite important to be updated about the audience’s response so; it may help you to write according to the reader’s demand. It’s also an easy way to know about the likes and dislikes of your targeted audience to grow more.

Mistake # 10

Ignore Publication Time

The steps which are involved in publishing a blog are:

  • To write a blog about a specific topic.
  • Editing of the content.
  • Publishing of a blog.

Some new bloggers believe in spending more time to take the content on the perfect level. They keep revising their writings and continue repeating time and again. Even they believe to postpone their plan of content publishing, which is a negative aspect of bloggers’ life.

Tip: To some extent, the perfection is important to some extent while publishing at the right time is more important than it. So, do not postpone publishing over perfection.

Mistake # 11

Having no idea of Optimizing website

To make the blogging acknowledged, it’s a crucial point that you don’t follow being a beginner blogger. They commonly make this mistake by do not optimizing their site to increase its ranking. It’s also the fact that you even don’t know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its benefits for the completion of your blog.

Why SEO is Important? SEO is the most influential part of a blog that increases the traffic to the site and also generate more revenue that makes it successful. SEO also helps to recognize keyword research that is relevant to search engines like Google. It also includes the expansion of your site ranking to acknowledge and earn more side by side.

Mistake # 12

Spending no Money to Earn Money

You have to spend an amount to earn money. You consider it’s not a matter of concern to increase earning without the expense. An investment flourishes any business and leads it to success. It is very well said that money attracts more money.

You might be afraid of any loss in the case of any investment. And not assure of having enough money to spend and how to invest money for blogging?

Where to invest money for a blog?

You have to spend money on buying a domain because a free domain doesn’t work to earn. You should set a little amount to spend on the development of a blog like paid tools, guiding course, and paid templates to make your blog more impressive.

Mistake # 13

Not Promoting Your Blog Socially

You might believe that your task is accomplished by writing and publishing a blog. But there’s requires some more. The promotion of your blog is imperative to make it known among the people and the increase in earning. Do some social media marketing to get more visitors and interact with social media influencer for the promotion of your blog. As much people visit your site ultimately increases revenue. You can promote your blog through:

  • Email listing.
  • Social Media Groups.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Send emails and promotions to your groups and following their response guarantees you the success of your blog and spares you from making mistakes.

Concluding Notes

Every beginner blogger makes mistakes at the start of their business that is not a matter of guilt. There is always some space to mend your error and step forward to improve your mistakes and become successful blogger.

Here’s an influential guide for you to make you know about the beginner bloggers’ mistakes. You can follow the tips to avoid these errors for the better growth of your business.

If you have more suggestions and ideas about the beginner’s mistakes kindly, let me know with your precious opinion.

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