10 Best Effective Ways to Reduce Stress

by | August 20, 2020 | Health, Mental Health

Stress is an unpleasant feeling that affects us in different ways like aging, memory loss, weak immune system, depression, weight gain, and many other ways. That is the reason we should reduce stress as soon as possible. Reduce stress by breaking things or shouting and yelling is not helpful. Many people deal with stress in the wrong way, which doesn’t give them any relief.

Stress can change our behavior, and we lose the taste of life. Stressful situations are the main cause of different diseases, such as headaches, depression, anxiety, and cancer. According to the study, people who have stress live a shorter life compared to others. People dealing with stress also have high chances of getting diabetes.

Causes of Stress

We all deal with stress once in our life. Everyone has a different cause of stress, and your body acts the same to stress. When we find ourselves in intense situations, our brain and body react to it. It releases a chemical that prepares our body for “fight or flight” situations.

On the other hand, dangerous situations cause negative feelings. These feelings can last long, and in worse cases, it can last for years. Being worried about something, fear, or frustration causes stress. This type of stress must cure.

If you think you have severe stress, try not to ignore it. One must take the necessary steps to reduce stress.

Identifying the Problems

Before you take steps to reduce stress, identify your problems. Causes or roots of stress should eradicate first. Whatever the root cause is, try to fix it or avoid it if you can’t fix it. Believe in yourself and enjoy every moment of your life.

There are different types of symptoms of stress, such as emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral. Take initial steps to recognize your type of stress and how it is affecting you, then try to reduce stress.

You can follow some simple tips and remedies to reduce stress quickly and live a healthy and fit life.

10 Effective ways to Reduce Stress

Here are some simple and effective ways that will help you to reduce stress

Daily Exercise

Set a routine and try to exercise daily. Exercise controls the body’s stress hormones, such as cortisol, and makes you feel healthier in the long run. Exercise also improves sleep quality that helps you to reduce stress. When you exercise regularly, your body feels more confident. Ultimately, it improves your mental health and helps to reduce stress.

Spend Time with your Loved Ones

Social support is essential in dealing with stress. Staying close with friends and family makes you feel worthy. Studies have shown that staying in touch with a friend and family circle releases oxytocin (stress reliever). On the other hand, another study showed that people with fewer friends tend to stress more often.

Be Realistic

Life is too short, and there are many goals to achieve. It is impossible to meet all expectations. Try to accept the reality that you cannot be perfect in everyone’s books. Set your priorities, and focus on your goal instead of other’s expectations. Always be realistic with yourself and others because being fake is not a good idea to achieve your goals.

Eat Healthy Food

Foods that we consume daily also affect your stress level. According to studies, green tea helps in reducing stress. Eating bananas is useful for stress patients, and dark chocolates release anti-stress hormones. Consuming dark or milk chocolate straight for two weeks may help to reduce stress. And eating healthy food can help you with physical and mental health.

Consider Adopting a Pet

Having a pet gives a feeling of companionship. Doctors admit that spending time with pets increases your energy level. You can open up about anything in front of your pet, without the fear of being judged. In many mental hospitals, there are sessions in which patients spend their time with their favorite pets. It helps them feel comfortable and calmer.

Enjoy your Favorite Hobby

Try to spend some time doing productive work. Use your negative energy in productive tasks. You can do dancing, painting, singing, cycling, whatever you like. It will eliminate your negativity and, you will feel better. Working on other things will distract you, and your mind will be relaxed. A hobby is the best way to reduce stress because, at that time, you do what you love the most.


Laughing is an anti-stress agent. It is difficult to be anxious when you are laughing. Laughing lowers the stress response and helps relax our muscles. A study showed that people with laughing therapy feel more stress-free. Laughter therapy can help you keep calm and focused.

Reduce Spending Time in Front of Screens

Living in this global world is sometimes painful. Mostly, people spent more time in front of TV, mobile, laptops, and tablets. It is proven by studies that extra usage of technology increases our stress level. It can also elevate the level of aggression, depression, anxiety, and inability to concentrate.

Limit your time in front of screens. You can reduce your stress by going outside and give your time to your relationships. It will also elevate anti-stress hormones.

Take Deep Breaths

When we are stressed, our brain responds to fight or flight situations. This reaction results in increased heart rate, quicker breathing, and constricted blood vessels. Taking deep breaths will allow your brain to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. It helps our body to relax and release stress.

There are different types of breathing techniques and exercises, like belly breath, diaphragmatic breathing, and paced respiration. All these breathing techniques allow you to take deep breaths, and your lungs fully expand with oxygen. It helps you in lowering heart rate, and eventually, you feel peaceful.

Vitamin B Complex Intake

Increase your vitamin b complex intake as Vitamin B complex tends to reduce stress. They also improve our immune system and make us feel calmer. Vitamin b complex is useful in lowering the fatigue level also. They are found in our basic food like bananas, meat, beans, and whole grains.


Life is full of challenges, and our body must have the ability to cope with tough situations. Stress can be a lifesaver sometimes, as it elevates our energy level. It helps us to meet the challenge. But sometimes reducing stress is necessary, as it can be a cause of physical and mental illness. It makes us feel lonely and distracted. That is not good for our social and personal life.

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