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10 basic tools you will need to learn to be a successful Blogger

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successful blogger

successful blogger


December 3, 2019.

What are the essential tools and specifications required for a blogger to be successful? To become a successful blogger is not just posting content, but there are more things to do. There is a list of tools and many features that make blogging accomplished. Bloggers write creatively and passionately. They set the titles that instantly grab the attention of the reader and force them to read from top to bottom. Blogger intends to provide knowledge about multiple topics, either it’s personal or universal.

To become a successful blogger, you will need some tools to get your blog on the top. The most important tools which make the work easy for bloggers are given below.

  1. Title generating tools for successful blogger

The title is something that compels the reader to know the whole story behind it. It plays a significant role in the success of a post. The first thing which convinces the reader to click on a blog is the title. Let’s have a look at the options for title-generating tools because it helps you to become a successful blogger. Many title-generating tools create attractive headlines. Among all these three are more considerable.

Blog Title Generator

The blog title generator tool is used to create eye-catching headlines and other innovative blogging titles. It suggests a list of amazing headlines by entering a keyword. There are a lot of options to select a relevant title according to your content. The blog title generator proves helpful to increase website ranking on a search engine. The increase in website traffic, it also boosts profit in making money and makes you a successful blogger. So, the importance of the title generator tool is incredible.


Hemingway is a recently launched app that works as a helpful tool for creating headlines. It works in a slightly different way. It enhances the impression of titles and analyzes them. This tool also works as a writing editor and suggests improving the impact on the audience.


Hub spot is another tool that is helpful to spare time in generating titles. It also works to create noteworthy headlines to instantly attract the audience.

The Title generator tool solves the major problem of generating headlines and proves very helpful to a great blogging experience.

  1. Grammarly for succesful blogger

Grammarly is a writing tool that makes content mistake-free. Good and error-free writing is the key to becoming a successful blogger. Grammarly works on improving all the faults of any written work. It’s a comprehensive tool to build writing skills while you are correcting spelling mistakes, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure. This tool has both free and paid features.

How do Grammarly works?

  • As we enter any piece of content, Grammarly highlights English grammar errors in writing. It detects hundreds of mistakes instantly and suggests suitable corrections.
  • It fixes misspell words in an instant. It gives the option to replace the same word with different meanings using in the wrong context.
  • It highlights errors in punctuation in the sentences. And suggests proper use of commas, apostrophe, colon, and semicolon.
  • Grammarly enhances writing by offering high-level suggestions. It provides a sentence structure checker, vocabulary corrector, delivery level, tone, and more.
  • It also serves as an online proofreader. Sometimes it is not possible to recheck the content to avoid flaws. So, Grammarly is an efficient proofreader to make writing flawless and help you on your way to becoming a successful blogger.

By following all the suggestions and improving mistakes, we get a polished and enhanced piece of writing through Grammarly. That carries significance in itself to promote a blogger to be rewarded.

  1. Google keyword planner for successful blogger

Google offers a free keyword planner tool to make succesful bloggers acknowledge. Most search is consists of everyone’s demands, needs, and interests. It suggests many relevant topics and keywords that make it easy to write according to the user’s requirements. The most important thing is that you should enter the most researched keywords to get more clicks and make your site more profitable. The Google keyword planner tool is so famous to increase web traffic; it works in several ways described as follows.

How does Google keyword planner work?

  • It is compulsory to have a Google Ads account to use the Google key planner. It is quite easy to get a new account through a few steps. Then log in to your account to get keywords.
  • Enter the exact keyword to get desired results regarding SEO operation. It helps to reach out to the most demanding keywords relevant to any topic. People mostly search on different platforms to meet their needs.
  • Google keyword planner provides a research volume of people regarding any keyword that may help out to get the appropriate keyword for your blog or site.
  • The Google keyword planner tool has a flaw in that it omits ratios of people searching for keywords. You can get exact figures by following a few intelligent hacks.

The keyword plays an essential role in searching for anything. A Blog post consists of any topic, but it increases web traffic by choosing popular keywords. Thus Google’s keyword planner helps in this regard to make blogging more worthy and helps you pave your way to become a successful blogger.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is known as a social media management tool. It is an impressive application that deals with the handling of social media account itself and helps you to be a successful blogger. Buffer works well than other social media management tools such as TweetDeck and HootSuite, so it’s more famous and beneficial. As blogging is the product of social media, the Buffer tool supports bloggers by managing all the posts. It is combined with the following social media networks to schedule the posts.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

How does buffer work?

Buffer is so famous in its use. Connect the Buffer with a social network and start adding your posts. It will schedule and manage all the posts in a streamline. The content of the main features is given as follows:

  • Buffer saves time by managing all the posts themselves. It handles sharing posts automatically according to the customized date and time.
  • It works as a media-friendly tool. It’s easy to add images, links, videos, and GIFs through this post composer.
  • There’s no need to schedule all the posts separately. Just add all the posts in a queue and set the time and date when it is to be shared. Buffer will manage to share queued posts at a time.
  • Buffer is quite profitable in earning money. It deals with the three social networks and stores 10 posts from each network at the same time. This is enough to be shared and get a benefit.

Know more about Buffer Tool.

  1. HostGator

HostGator is a web hosting service provider that deals with all the requirements needed for creating a web blog or a web page. Hostgator allows profitable business strategies. It deals with all the services on one platform, including website hosting, a wide range of themes, domain names, and publishing of any web page which helps create a great website or blog. It is reliable to achieve all the goals and provides secured website hosting and gets you on top to be a successful blogger. HostGator is famous to facilitate the given features.

  • HostGator offers WordPress hosting at low prices and also provides the facility to transfer your existing WordPress site with the new one. It will definitely transfer all the data from the existing page. It gives the services at the prices starting at $5.95 a month over three years (renews at $9.95).
  • Hostgator collects everything on one page regarding buying any product. While other services comprise this phenomenon to several pages.
  • HostGator offers a complete package to get a Domain name, Helpful to enter hosting information, WordPress hosting, and also help to produce a complete website. It has several options to design a web page according to your desired pattern and theme.
  • It presents many options to choose a hosting plan. Hostgator offers three types of plans; hatchling plan, baby plan, and business plan. You can choose according to your needs. Each plan costs differently on an annual basis. All of the plans are described briefly.
Hosting Plan Suggestions
Baby plan If you want to create multiple websites and choose to learn to start a blog. So, you should go for the baby plan. It allows you to obtain more than one Domain name.
Hatchling plan It suggests creating only one website and to work with only one Domain name.
Business plan It is helpful to create several websites and Domain names for business purposes.

So, HostGator with all its strategies allows creating an extraordinary blog and a profitable business through the website. In order to become a successful blogger, a good hosting provider plays its part in the road to success.

  1. Toggl tool

Toggl is famous as a simple time tracking app that follows online tasks through different platforms. It tracks the entries of any media like website, mobile app, chrome extension, or desktop app. Toggl tool is used for teams and individuals as well. It is proved effective for bloggers to save their time because most of their time is spent on creating, writing, and editing the content. Time is money and value, and the toggl tool helps you to become a successful blogger by saving time. Toggl works very simply described below in a few points.

  • Toggl is useful for online working tracking. That moves your workers on to productivity while tracking their performance.
  • It has a reminder feature. When someone forgot to turn on the tracking timer, so there’s nothing to worry about. The toggl desktop app reminds you to turn the timer on. And if anyone forgot to stop the tracking timer, the toggl also detects idle time and informs you about it.
  • You can get Toggl on any device. You can control it either through a Desktop or your smartphone.
  • Toggle provides time tracking data, and you can manage the data whenever it is needed.

    successful blogger

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is considered one of the best tools for content writing and social media. It is commonly known as a research and monitoring tool. Buzzsumo is a social media-friendly tool that calculates the statistics of most researched topics and provides information to content marketers. It is profitable for bloggers as it helps them to find out qualitative content and become successful bloggers. The Buzzsumo works very simply. The content of its features is discussed below:

  • Buzzsumo helps to find out the most shared content related to your selected keywords. That made it easy for you to write creatively on a highly researched topic.
  • It provides information regarding popular content on social media. If someone trying to search out the content of most interest shared on Facebook. So, it’s quite easy to get that topic with the tool Buzzsumo.
  • This tool can recognize the content among the most influential content writers through social media.
  • Buzzsumo also offers to find out experienced writers to create the best article comparatively to others.

BuzzSumo has made it very easy to approach the comparative keyword search and write influential content. That proves very beneficial for bloggers, and it also increases the traffic of visitors.

  1. Quora

Quora tool works on the strategy to share knowledge through questions and answers. It is a highly powerful source to increase blog visitors, works as an engine to find out the people who are capable of answering the questions asked through social media comprises a vast range of topics to deal with the question-answer session that increases the traffic of the site.

  • It is a platform where finding the answer to any query regarding any content is quite easy. It has a search bar that makes it easy to search for any topic.
  • It is quite a helpful tool for bloggers as it keeps the reader engaged with the content and accommodates for a successful online business.
  • It gives the option of making any kind of changes to your questions; you may merge two questions into one and then find out its result.
  • It is useful to share your opinion about the answer if you feel then mark the appropriate answer as the best to make it helpful for others.

Thus collectively Quora makes it an easy approach for the bloggers to search for the best answers about any topic, content, and issues of social media. That also becomes helpful for them to be a successful blogger because many bloggers are using Quora to search long-tail keywords.

  1. Canva

Bloggers need to have many tools to be accomplished and get success. Canva is another tool in the list of essential tools required for blogging that paves the way to becoming a successful blogger. It is commonly discussed as a design-customized tool. That is essential to create any blog to make it attractive. Nothing is complete without adding a few images and crafting. So, here we get the Canva tool that how it works and proves beneficial:

  • Canva tool is used for web designinglogo designing, and also for print media designing.
  • It has all the properties of creating images, editing, cropping, and enlisting them.
  • It also helps to add pictures, text, and icons, it has the option to change the color of objects according to the desired tone.
  • The use of stored graphics and images in Canva is beneficial for creating impressive blog posts.

In short, the Canva tool is considered essential in the field of designing. It gives a proper form to the text, images, and templates, that enhance the blog and make it attractive, and proves beneficial for the successful blogger.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is software that helps people to organize the data in a better way. It’s making it secure to transfer the files and get connected to the team. It also works as a planner of the activities that arrange the files and meetings itself and also suggests relevant files of the event. With its admin feature, it is quite easy to manage the team, support secured data transfer, and help to take action about the team. Let’s highlight the working of Dropbox shortly that is given below:

  • Paper is a free product of Dropbox that works even better than a regular doc. It brings production and organization together and manages all the to-dos very well.
  • Always upgrade to the latest activity alongside your work and notify about updated progress.
  • It collects all the apps on one page. You can use your daily using tools and stay connected to your team even through Dropbox.
  • Store all the files in the same secure place and ensure access through any device, either your desktop or mobile phone.
  • It works smarter and joins all the editing and writing apps (Cloud Content & Microsoft Office) in Dropbox. So, it may be easy for you to work with all the apps without wasting time.

All the specifications collectively increase the rank of Dropbox in the consumer’s market that making it more valued. In this way, it is also a remarkable tool for bloggers to manage all the files and get success.

Final Words

Taking everything into account, there is always a key to success. And blogger’s key to success is tools that help them from thinking to the final content. The list of tools is so long no doubt a few of them are described briefly to highlight the importance of tools to be a successful blogger.

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